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Medical Terms

Define the following

Hyperglycemia Blood Condition of Excessice Sugar
Hypodermic Pertaining to under the skin
Bilateral Pertaining to two sides
Echocardiograph (ECG) Machine used to record using sound, of the heart
Echocariography The process of recording using sound of the heart
Electrocardiogram A record of the electrical activity of the heart
Suprarenal Pertaining to above a a kidney `
Epigastric Pertaining to above the stomach
Nephrolithiasis Abnormal Condition of Kidney stones
Thrombocytosis Abnormal condition of clot cells `
Prenatal Pertaining to before birth
Postprandial Pertaining to after meals
Ilius Bowel Obstruction
Hemiplegia Paralysis of the right or left half of the body
Paraplegia A condition of paralysis of the lower trunk and legs
Ictal Pertaining to seizures
- Paresis Partial Paralysis (you can feel it but cant move it or you can move it but cant feel it)
Neuron Nerve cell
Cerebellum located at the posterior base of the brain and it is responcible for your balance and equilibrium
Cirrhosis a chronic degeneration of liver cells
Dental Caries Extreme dental decay
Absorb (Absorption) Movement of nutrients into the blood stream
Enzyme Chemical Catalyst
Peristalsis Pertaining to a wave like action of the bowels the propels undigested food through the GI Tract
Barborymas The groaning and gurgling sounds made during peristalic activity
Colic Painful Spasm of the gi tract
Eructation Belching or burping
Malena (Melanotic) Pertaining to black, tarry , pungent stools (Indicative of blood in the stool
Ascites Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen
Obstpation Difficult Defecation
Gastric Lavage Washing out the stomach
Gavage Feeding tube
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