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Phil12 World Relig

Study guide for exam#1 Phil12 World Religions

Animism The attribution of a discrete indwelling of a spirit in every material form of reality such as plants,stones,and so on, and to natural phenomena such as storms,earthquakes,and the like.
Cosmogony A theory of myth regarding the origin of the universe, the earth, and living beings.
Divination The employment of magical practices (lottery,augury,or special psychic powers,ect.) for the purpose of gaining knowledge of future events or events unknowable by ordinary investigation.
Fetishism Veneration of use of a natural or prepared material objects (fetishes) imbued with special potency (mana) for purposes of averting evil effects os aquiring values.
Mana An invisible potency believed to inhabit extraordinary and awesome persons,objects,or phenomena.
Necromancy Communication with the dead for purposes of divination or magically influencing the course of natural events.
Rites of passage Prescribed forms of ceremony, worship, or veneration used for purposes of strengthening communal values or increasing spiritual potency.
Shamanism (Shaman) A mode of dealing with the spirit world through the agency of an individual set apart as spirit possessed and specially equipped to deal with superhuman forces (the term shaman is generally applied to healers, exorcists, sorcerers, magicians ect)
Sympathetic Magic The effort to control events, animals,orons by extraordinary means that are imitative or analogical in form.
Taboo A strict prohibition applied to a person,a thing, or an action.
Totemism The recognition of a special relationship between a human group of an individual and a class of species of animals,plants, or inanimate objects.
Part 2:BYGONE RELIGIONS that have left their mark on the west Chapter 2
Astrology A method of predicting the course of individual lives and world events by relating them to the movements and positions of stars and planets.
Druid A member of a Celtic order of priest magicians or wizards whose rituals, centering on animal and tree worship, were said to include human sacrifice.
Genius A male guiding (tutelary) spirit or daimon,originally specific to the head of the clan,but later applied to an individual or place.
Juno A female tutelary spirit, counterpart to a genius
Moira What is allotted ("fate" in Greek thought)
Numen Divine potency from a deity, person, or thing; sometimes the divine part of a deified person.
Oracle A divine or an especially authoritative revelation (or the person that delivers it), often an ambiguous or enigmatic utterance spoken through a medium in a trance state.
Pantheon A set of deities, usually all of the divine beings venerated in a culture or region.
Ziggurat A type of pyramidal structure erected by ancient Mesopotamians, a human-made mountain with stepped-back terracing encased in brick and topped by a shrine.
Created by: sweet2u84
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