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COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
ARDS Adult Respitory Distress Syndrome
CF Cystic Fibrosis
DPT Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus
PE Pulmonary Embolism
TB Tuberculosis
PPD Intradermal Test for TB
URI Upper Respitory Infection
PFT Pulmonary Function Test
CT or CAT Computerized (Axial) Tomography
SARS Severe Acute Respitory Syndrome
VPS Ventilation Perfusion Scanning
ABG Arterial Blood Gases
LTB LaryngoTracheoBronchitis
CxR Chest X-Ray
ET Endotracheal Tube
Sx Suction
Hx History
IPPD Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing
Tx Treatment
SOB Short of Breath
C Culture and sensitivity
Cx Culture
RT (IT) Respitory Therapy (Inhalation Therapy)
DOE Dyspnea on Exertion
PTCA Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (balloon Angioplasty)
TED ThromboEmbolism Deterrant
DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis
HHD Hypertensive Heart Disease
GERD GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease
EUS Endoscopic Ultrasound
BaE or BE Barium Enema
UGI Upper GI series
N Nausea and vomiting `
BS Blood Sugar/ Bowel Sounds/ Breath Sounds
IBD Inflammatory Bowel Disease
PEG Percutaneus Endoscopic Gastrostomy
TPN Total Parenteral Nutrition
O+P Ove & Parasites(eggs & worms) (stool test)
PUD Peptic Ulcer Disease
LFT Liver Function Test
SL Sublingual
a.c. Before Meals
p.c. After Meals
pc After Meals
Dx Diagnosis
PO or p.o. or po By Mouth
NPO or n.p.o Nothing By Mouth
Q.D. or q.d. Everyday
B.I.D Twice a Day
T.I.D 3 Times a Day
Q.I.D 4 Times a Day
Q.O.D or q.o.d Every Other Day
q.h. or qh Every Hour
q2h Every 2 Hours
a~ Before
p~ After
q~ Every
c~ With
s~ Without
CNS Central Nervous System
PNS Peripheral Nervous System
ANS Autonomic Nervous System
HR Heart Rate
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
PET Positron Emission Tomography
CSF Cerebrospinal Fluid
LOC Loss of Consciousness or Level of Consciousness
OBS Organic Brain Syndrome
CVS ` Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke)
ICP Intracranial Pressure
GCS Glascow Coma Scale (a standard system to assess Neurological Impairment)
NVS Neurological Vital Signs (Neuro Checks)
PEARRLA Pupils Equal and Round, React to Light & Accomodation(focus)
AD Alzheimer's Disease or Right Ear
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
MVA Motor Vehicle Accident
TIA Transient Ischemic Attack (AKA: "Mini or Little Stroke" Temporary)
MS Multiple Sclerosis or Morphine Sulfates
CP Cerebral Palsy
TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
EMG ElectroMyoGram
RLS Restless Leg Syndrome
w.t. Weight
T.C + DB Turn, Cough & Deep Breath
IS Insentice Spirometry
AAA Abdominal Aortic Anurism
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