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India Vocab.

founder of Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama
2 major cities of the Indus River Valley Civilization Harappa and Mohenjo Daro
large piece of land that is a part of a continent but distinct from the rest of it subcontinent
the government and Buddhist leader who is considered to be the present incarnation of the Buddha. Dalai Lama
a strong wind that blows one way during the winter and the opposite way during the summer monsoon
is the consequences of how a person lives in relation to their dharma karma
an Aryan tribal prince of a small kingdom raja
India's social system created by the Aryans was called the __________ system. caste
This man founded an empire after conquering a large area of the Ganges River after Alexander the Great left. Chandragupta Maurya
India's first great Buddhist king Asoka
dome-shaped Buddhist temple or shrine stupa
The capital of both the Maurya and the Gupta dynasties was ____________________. Pataliputra
A government run from one location, such as a capital city, is called this. Centralized government
The longest poem in written history Mahabarata
teacher guru
a long period of time without water drought
Divine law, or duties of each caste dharma
Line of rulers from the same family dynasty
Government ruled by religious leaders theocracy
Not a place but a state of wisdom that a person reaches when he/she gives up all desires nirvana
the universal spirit in Hinduism Brahmin
the highest caste, the priests are the only ones who can perform religious rites Brahmans
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