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The assay value of antibodies present in the blood by volmetric means Antibody Titer
Measures the amount of autoantibodoy directed against components of cell nuclei Antiuclear antibody titer
removal of living tissue for microscopic examination fully evaluating hemopoietic actions Bone marrow aspieation/biopsy
test to measure the amount of helper T cells present in the blood CD4 cell count
test for the presence of antibodies that coat & damage RBCs as a result of several diseases/conditions Coombs test
enzymes which elevate & can determine damage to the brain or muscle tissue Creatine phosphokinase (CPK)
A serum lab test to indicate inflammation C-reactive protein
technique for detecting specific antigens or antibodies, using enzyme-labeled immunoreactants & a solid phase-binding support such as a test tube Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
proteins in the body to help determine self-tissue from foreign tissue HLA-B27 tissue antigen
An X ray image of the lymph node or vessels obtained after injection of a contrast medium Lymphangiogram
paper strip test to determine if the eyes produce enough tears to keep it moist Schirmer tear test
An enzyme, also known as AST, a diagnostic aid in viral hepatitis and in myocardial infarction SGOT
An enzyme, also known as ALT, serum concentration in increased in viral hepatitis & MI's SBPT
Iv administration of acetylcholinesterase inhibitor to see if muscle strength improves Tensilon Test
determining the histocompatibility of tissue to be used in grafts or transplants with recipients Tissue typing
test for confirmation of the presence of HIV antibodies in blood Western Blot
transplantation of health bone marrow from a compatible donor to diseased recipient to stimulate blood cell production Bone Marrow Transplant
Prevention or interference with the development of immunologic response: artificially induced by chemical, biologic, or physical agents Immunosuppressive
use of biologic agents to prevent to treat disease by stimulating the body's own defense mechanisms Immunotherapy
surgical excision of a lymph node Lymphadenectomy
surgical incision into a lymph node Lymphadenotomy
removal of possible cancer-carrying lymph nodes for pathological examination Lymph Node Dissection
One of a class of structurally related proteins commonly called antibodies Immune Globulin
removal of plasma and separation & extraction of specific elements followed bly reinfusion Plasmapheresis
ssurgical excision of the spleen Splenectomy
surgical excision of the thymus Thymectomy
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