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Phleb Quiz Rvw

1,2,3,Quiz 10-10-10

The term phlebotomy is derived from Greek words that literally translated,mean to Incise a vein
What is an example of confirming response to patient I understand how you are feeling
What is an example of negative Kinesics Frowning
The purpose of "protective" isolation is to protect susceptible patients from outside contamination
What is designed to reduce the risk of transmission of microorganisms standard precautions
What is the first thing a phlebotomist should do in the event of an accidental needlestick Decontaminate the site and fill out an incident report
What is an example of a nosocomial infection When a catheter site of a patient in ICU becomes infected
What is an example of work practice control What is an example of work practice control that reduces risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens Hand washing following glove removal
The function of the left ventricle is to deliver Oxygenated blood into the pulmonary vein
What is the most critical error a phlebotomist can make Misidentifying a patient specimen
Departments of clinical laboratory would include Clinical Chemistry, Blood Bank, Hemotology
What represents the proper direction of blood flow Arterioles, capillaries, venules
What vein is not an antecubital vein Femoral
What needle gauge has the largest lumen 18
Hemostasis refers to The coagulation process
The solution normally used to clean the site before routine venipuncture is 70% isopropyl alcohol
Veins have the following characteristics Transport deoxygenated blood toward the heart
What is not an antiseptic Sodium hypochlorite (bleach)
All of these are additives used in blood collection tubes K2 EDTA, Sodium Citrate (Na Citrate), Lithium Heparin
The slanted tip of the needle that enters the vein is called the Bevel
This instance may lead you to believe you have accidentally punctured an artery The blood pulses into the tube
True or False? Acknowledging a patient's beliefs, customs, knowledge, and attitudes exemplifies diversity awareness. True
T or F? Some medications such as as asprin, can increase bleeding. Always make sure a patient has stopped bleeding after a venipuncture procedure. True
T or F? Oxygen-poor blood enters the heart through the right atrium True
T or F? Applying lip-balm in the lab is acceptable when an employee has chapped lips False
T or F? Aphlebotomist who gets the specimen for the doctor even if he or she must take shortcuts and save time is exhibiting integrity. False
NFPA Diamond, indicate the type of hazard that may be encountered. starting top; Red-Fire Hazard, Yellow-Reactivity/Instability, White-Specific Hazard, Blue-Health Hazard
When hemoglobin is released and serum becomes tinged with pink or red, this condition is called Hemolysis
The ability of the body to repair and maintain itself to achieve a "steady state" defines what term Homeostasis
Which of the following legal concepts refers to the voluntary permission by a patient to allow touching, examination, and/or treatment by health care providers informed consent
The following techniques cause hemolysis mix tube too vigorously, Using too small a needle, collecting blood before alcohol dries
Why is one side of the wrist more suitable for venipuncture than the other Nerves lie close to the palmer side and can easily be injured, veins are larger on the backside of the hand, On the palmer side, one can more easily feel an artery
The legal term for improper or unskillful care of a patient by a member of the health care team or any professional misconduct, or unreasonable lack of skill is malpractice
An unconscious patient does not have an ID band. The name and room number on the door agree with the requisition. What should you do? Call your supervisor and ask what to do.
Which instance most closely resembles basal state? What should you do? Just awakened at 0600 after fasting all night
The sagital plane of the body divides the body into left and right halves
The term "distal"means Farthest from the point of attachment
On occassion, specimens need to be rejected from laboratory testeng. Which of the following factors may be used in this decision The specimen is improperly transported, specimen appears hemolyzed, the anticoagulated specimen contains blood clots
prolonged tourniquet application may cause a change in blood composition primarily because of Hemoconcentration
s a specified order of draw is important when collecting multiple tubes from the same patient during a venipuncture procedure? Cross contamination is reduced
The following should not be used to enhance the vein selection process? Having the patient vigorously pump his or her fist
The following SHOULD be used to enhance the vein selecton process Lovering the arm, Palpating the antecubital area, Using a warm towel to increase bllod flow
The layer(s) of the skin containing blood vessels is(are) Dermis and Subcutaneous
What is the purpose of waiting 30 seconds for the alcohol to dry before needle insertion To allow the evaporation process to help destroy microbes, to avoid a stinging sensation, to prevent hemolysis of the specimen
The federal law enacted that regulates the quality and accuracy of laboratory testing (including phlebotomy procedures) by creating a uniform set of provisions governing all clinical laboratories is referred to as CLIA
I blood is drawn too quickly from a small vein, the vein will have a tendency to Collapse
Lungs Contain branches of alveoli with surrounding capillaries, take in large amounts of owygen, release large amounts of carbon dioxide
The following pairs are opposite regions or planes of the body anterior/posterior, distal/proximal, lateral/medial
1) tests:Hematology cell counts, coagulation tests, blood cultures, and chemistry assays. cont. right--->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The patient was an oncology patient and 2)had scarring on many of her veins, had IVs in both forearms, and was a diabetic. Cont. next box Below right------>>>>>>>>>>>>>
3)Laboratory notes indicated that blood should not be drawn fro this patients feet. 4) Answer the following questions about this scenario, assuming that an evacuated tube method would be used
Which site would be most suitable for blood collection posterior side of the hand or wrist
What would be the preferred order of tube collection for these tests. blood cultures, coagulation, chemistry, and hematology
What measures could be taken to diminish the likelihood of complications Use of a butterfly system, select the site carefully, document the condition of the patient
t or F? You must draw blood from a 4-year-old child. You should restrain him immediately, tell him to be quiet, and say that the procedure will not hurt False
T or F? HIPAA was creaed to protect the publi from substandard laboratory testing practices and provide a safe work environment for laboratory personnel False
T or F? If the blood is filling the rube very slowly and a hematoma is beginning to form, the needle may not be deep enough True
T or F? Failure to act or perform duties according to the standard of care for phlebotomy is negligence True
T or F? If a patient is complaining of sharp radiating pain from the needle insertion site, the phlebotomist should hurry and should hurry and finish the draw. False
T or F? Specimen transport for the test, ammonia, requires that the blood collection tube be placed in an ice slurry. True
T or F? It is important to mix anticoagulant tubes immediately so that they will clot. False
What kind of additives are these in (ECHO)
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