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Limbic system

Urbach-Wiethe disease bilateral calcification of the amygdala. Though it does not effect the ability to recognize faces it does effect the ability to discern threat or emotions (facial expressions)
lateral nucleus of the amygdala is associated with... fear conditioning. Damage to this nucleus does not prevent one from making an association (explicit memory) between a signal and stimuli (eg airhorn), but will prevent you from forming an emotional memory.
The amygdala is responsible for what type of conditioning? Both positive and negative conditioning
Emotionally arousing events activate sympathetic nervous system and HPA axis thus___ effecting emotional arousal and improving EMOTIONAL MEMORY
What improves emotional memory? emotionally arousing events that increase sympathetic and HPA axis activity
Electrical stimulation activates ventral tegmental area will cause some rats to choose stimulation over food and sex. (This area involved in error processing,; analyzing reward)
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