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Key terms in Chapter 8 of text by de Blij/Murphy

Term Definition
Preliterate Societies peoples who speak their language but do not write it.
Linguistic Diversification the differences among people speaking separate languages.
language a systematic means of communicating ideas of feelings by the use of conventionalized signs, gestures, marks, or especially articulate vocal sounds.
standard language likely to be used in technologically advanced societies; its quality is a matter of cultural identity and national concern.
dialects regional variants of a standard language
isoglosses geographic boundaries within which a particular linguistic feature occurs.
language family group of languages thought to have a shared, but fairly distant, origin.
language subfamily language group with a more definite commonality
language group divisions of subfamilies that consist of sets of individual languages
Indo-European Language family that is spoken by about half the world's population
Created by: achrodes