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Wk 3 Spelling Exam

Review for Friday's Spelling Exam

When filing correspondence for Janelle Louise Daniels (Mrs. Kevin Masters), 123 Valley Drive, Kalispell, MT 59999, which of the following would NOT be used as an indexing unit? Zip Code
What is the second indexing unit in the following name: Mr. Richard Allan Richards, Jr.? Allan
The most commonly used filing system is based on what method? alphabetical
Dr. Gemma Reingold is filed as: Reingold, Gemma, (Dr).
Maura Fitzpatrick has been assigned the patient ID number 239431. To search for her file, you will look under 94, then 23, then 31. What system are you using? middle digit filing
Adrian Washington has been assigned a color using the Alpha-Z color-coding system. Under what color would you find his chart? yellow with white stripe
David Jesse Montgomery III’s file would be filed in what relation to David Jesse Montgomery, Jr.’s file before
VRT is an example of (a/an) acronym
Transcription equipment includes all of the following EXCEPT: computer,transcriber typewriter, (all of the above are correct)
A report containing information about the tissue removed during a surgical procedure is called a/an: pathology report
Who owns the medical record? the physician
When there may be confusion over surnames, such as in the case of a married woman using either her first name or her husband’s name after the title “Mrs.,” the file should be: cross-referenced
The patient’s responsibility for the medical record is: to authorize in writing any release of information from the record,to request a copy of the original record,to pay for any expenses incurred if the copying of the record is costly (all of the above are correct)
Words with like meanings are called synonyms
A medical transcriptionist should not edit: when unable to read the physician’s handwriting,when unsure of the meaning or intent of the statement,when the meaning would change with editing (all of the above are correct)
An autopsy report is also called a/an: death report
POMR stands for problem oriented medical report
SOAP stands for: subjective, objective, assessment, and plan
The simplest numerical medical filing system is the: straight numerical filing system
The alphabetic system is broken into units
When using a color coding filing system in a medical office, the color code should be known by: everyone in the office who uses the file
A report containing the results of an MRI scan is called a/an: radiology report
Regarding documenting in the medical record, remember that according to the court if it isn't' documented; it wasn't done
To locate a missing file all of the following steps are useful EXCEPT: alerting the patient that their file is missing so they will not be surprised when they arrive at the office
To indicate where a file was removed from the file drawer or shelf use a: divider break
Created by: AlongCameAlicia