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AL 101-Abrv. O,P,Q

02 Oxygen
OA Osteoarthritis
OB-GYN obstetrics and gynecology
Obs, obs observed, obstertrics
OBS Organic Brain Syndrome
OD overdose
OOB Out of Bed
OP,Op Out Patient
OPT out patient therapy
OPS outpatient service
OR operating room
ORIF Open Reduction, Internal Fixation
OTC over the counter
O/T oral temperature
p(with line over it) after
PA Physician's Assistant
PAC Premature atrial contractions
para(.) paraplegia, paraparesis, # of pregnancies
path pathology
pc After Meals
PCL posterior cruciate ligament
PD Parkinson Disease
PDR Physician's Desk Reference
per by/through
PI Present illness
PICC Peripherally inserted central catheter
PID pelvic inflammatory disease
PIP proximal interphalangeal
PLOF prior level of function
PMH Past Medical History
po By mouth
pos, POS positive
post. posterior
post-op Post Operatively
PRE progressive resistance exercise
pre-op pre-operatively - before surgery
PROM passive range of motion
PRN, p.r.n. Whenever Necessary, as needed
PSA Prostate specific antigen
PSIS posterior superior illiac spine
pt, Pt. patient
Px past history, prognosis, previous history
PVC Premature ventricular contractions
PVD peripheral vascular disease
PWB Partial Weight Bearing
q. q every
q2h every 2 hours
QH, qh Every Hour
QS quad sets
quad Quadriplegia; quadriparesis
Created by: wututor
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