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Neuro Drug Abuse-cas


CAGE cutdown/control annoyed guilt about use eye opener (drink first thing in the morning)
Acute symptoms of Niacin deficiency Wernicke's--anterograde amnesia,
Chronic symptoms of Niacin deficiency Korsakoff's ---irreversible damages. these people have hole in hippocampus so they have persistent memory problems
What do you do with alcoholics if they present at the ER Do not give them IV glucose because they will further deplete their niacin/NADH and will aggravate their condition. Give them intramuscular thiamine
Delerium Tremors distinguished from dementia because this condition mental status waxes and wanes. The patient may hallucinate
Idiosyncratic alcohol intoxication some people become agitated a and uninhibited with
Treating alcohol withdrawals Barbituates (cross-reactive at GABA-R). Alcohol (tapering) can also be used Librium, Adavam, valium
alcohol abuse prevention and sobriety disulfaram (antabuse), naltrexone, AA
Disulfaram works on the acetyl-aldehyde dehydrogenase--> will cause nausea and vomiting when you drink because acetyl-aldehyde accumulates
If you see a young athlete with psychotic symptoms what will be high on your differential? anabolic steroid abuse
Amphetamine Uses Narcolepsy, ADD, Obesity (eg related drugs meridian, provigil)
Commonality between all drugs of abuse (or chemicals, foods) They all stimulate nucleus accumbens (may reinforce the behavior). The neurotransmitters at the end of this circuit are dopamine and opiates
Welbutrin (buproprion) one of few antidepressants that is not an SSRI; works by increasing NE/DA. It is used to treat people trying to quit smoking cigarettes
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