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Arteries which supply the right and left lung. pulmonary
Artery beneath the armpit which carries blood to the arm. axillary
Artery which goes into the liver. hepatic
Found only in males, the small vessels which supply the gonads. spermatic
Artery of the thumb. princeps pollicis
Ophthalmic is a word which means pertaining to the ear. false
The external carotid is an artery which is distributed through the legs. false
Arteries above and below the lips are known as labial. true
Branches of the basilar artery are called Pantene. false
Auricular is a word which means pertaining to the ear. true
gluteal _____ lower extremity
intercostals _____ torso
renal _____ torso
radial _____ upper extremity
brachial _____ upper extremity
bronchial _____ torso
vesical _____ torso
celiac _____ torso
medial collateral _____ upper extremity
plantar _____ lower extremity
cystic _____ torso
aorta _____ torso
femoral _____ lower extremity
popliteal _____ lower extremity
mesenteric _____ torso
A rounded protuberance. malleolus
Deep. profundus
Supply the sacrum, coccyx, and rectum. sacral artery
Arises off the internal iliac and supplies the pelvic muscles and hip joints. obturator artery
Between bones. interosseous
These arteries distribute blood to the toes. metatarsals
A continuation of the aortic arch which descends through the chest to the diaphragm. thoracic aorta
Artery which goes into the stomach. left gastric
These arteries supply the elbow joint region. ulnar recurrent
Artery which supplies the appendix. appendicular
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