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arteries - arm

the axillary artery as it passes underneath the armpit.
The subclavian artery becomes known as the ______ artery as it enters the upper arm region. brachial
deltoid branch supplies the deltoid muscle.
humeral circumflex posterior and anterior, wrapped around the humerus.
Both the deep brachial and superficial brachial arteries are branches of the brachial artery. They supply blood to the arm.
both superior and inferior ulnar collateral arteries are branches of the brachial artery. They supply blood to the triceps and elbow.
medial collateral This is a branch of the deep brachial artery
radial collateral Also a branch of the deep brachial artery, supplies the brachioradialis and brachialis muscles.
ulnar recurrent There are both posterior and anterior branches. These supply the elbow joint region.
radial recurrent A branch of the radial artery which supplies the brachioradialis, brachialis, and elbow region.
interosseous include the common, posterior, anterior, and recurrent. They distribute blood to various places within the arm.
radial A fairly major artery off of the brachial artery. It supplies blood to the forearm, wrist, and hand.
ulnar Also a fairly major artery off of the brachial artery, the ulnar artery distributes blood to the forearm, wrist, and hand.
dorsal carpal branch The name describes a specific branch of the ulnar artery.
superficial palmar branch of radial specific branch of the radial artery.
palmar arch deep and superficial;supply the hand and specifically the palm.
palmar and dorsal metacarpal arteries These supply the metacarpals.
common palmar digitals supply the digits (fingers).
proper palmar digitals Supplies the fingers.
dorsal digitals Supplies the fingers.
princeps pollicis The principal artery of the thumb.
radialis indicis The radial artery of the index finger. It specifically supplies the index finger (first digit).
passes beneath the clavicle, carrying blood to the arm.
interosseous The word means "between bones."
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