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Moose RPC

Royal Power and Conflict

Why did Parliament want to set up a commonwealth? to be ruled by elected representatives
What document gave Parliament the freedom to pass laws? English Bill of Rights
What did the English Bill of Rights do to the monarchy? Made it a constitutional monarchy
What is the law-making body consisting of the people's representatives in England called? Parliament
What happened in France under Cardinal Richelieu's direction? the power of the king was increased
What did Louis XIV, the Sun King, have? a strong monarchy with the king firmly in charge
What was one result of the Glorious Revolution? It became Europe's first constitutional monarchy
Why was the revolution that brought William and Mary to power called the "Glorious Revolution"? Because it was a bloodless change of government
What did Peter the Great want to accomplish most in Russia? to westernize Russia
What is a characteristic of unlimited governments? the belief in divine right
Who did James I conflict with due to his believe in divine right? Parliament
What does a preamble to a constitution do? states the purposes of government
Who does the constitution draw its power from in a democracy? the people
What czar built a new capital city, St. Petersburg? Peter I
What is the purpose of the US Bill of Rights? to protect rights of individuals
Why did people insist on the Bill of Rights being added to the US Constitution? so the government couldn't take away individual rights
What Russian czar encouraged western customs? Peter I
What type of government gives power to the people? limited
What type of government gives the ruler absolute power? unlimited
What type of government gives the ruler the right to raise taxes? unlimited
What type of government makes the ruler get permission to make laws? limited
What type of government follows the belief in divine right? unlimited
What type of government is the basis for democracy? limited
Created by: camoose