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WKMS Hebrews Review

Chapter 3, Sections 1 and 3 Review

rabbi Jewish teacher
prophet claimed to be instructed by God to share God's word
monotheism belief in one God
exile being forced to live in a foreign country
tribes separate family groups
This man led the Israelites from Egypt into the desert Moses
These laws were given to Moses on the top of Mt. Sinai; they form the basic moral code for many nations. Ten Commandments
Torah first five books of the Hebrew Bible
This word describes Jews living outside of Israel; Greek word meaning "scattered" Diaspora
A deliverer sent by God messiah
Weekly day of worship and rest Sabbath
Yom Kippur Holy day set aside to make amends for the wrongdoings of the past year
This holiday commemorates God’s protection of the Jews from the final plague that enabled them to leave Egypt. Passover
This holiday commemorates the cleansing of the temple by the Maccabees; literally means rededication Hannukah
Rosh Hoshanah Jewish New Year
____________ raised 12 sons, who became the 12 tribes of Israel. Jacob, or Israel
The faith of the Israelites is known today as _________________. Judaism
The Phoenicians were traders and sailors who were most famous for their _______________. alphabet
The period of time in which the Jews were forced to live in Babylon is also called the ________________________. Babylonian Captivity
The holy book of the Jews is the ____________________. Hebrew Bible
The holy city of the Hebrews is _____________________. Jerusalem
The founder of Judaism is _______________________. Abraham
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