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Exam #1

Clinical Procedures

The MA who speaks to the Pt over the phone must have knowledge of: Med Term A and P Diseases and D/O Emergency procedures Pharm
Phone skills the MA should Use: Communication skills Problem-solving skills Compassion Self-control Patience Understanding
The six C's of charting Client's words must be recoded exactly Clarity is essential when describing Pt's condition Completeness is required Conciseness can save time and space Chronological order and date all entries Confidentiality to protect the Pt's privacy
Blood Pressure Measures the force of the heart and the condition of the blood vessels
Normal pulse rates for midlife adult 65-80
Pulse points: Carotid Brachial Radial Femoral Popliteal: Behind knee Dorsalis pedis: teh instep of the foot Apical: at the apex of the heart
Normal adult respiration rates 16-20
The four abnormal breathing patterns: Hyperventilation: abnormally fast and deep breathing Dyspnea: difficult or labored breathing Apnea; absence of breathing Rales: noisy breathing
Cheyne-Stokes periods of slow shallow breathing followed by 10-20 seconds of apnea
Systolic pressure Contraction Phase: pressure of blood being pushed out of heart chambers, represents the greatest pressure, 1st sound heard
Diastolic pressure Relaxiation phase: represents the period at which the heart relaxes after contraction, also represents the period of least pressure, last sound heard
Normal Blood pressure for an adult 120/80
Orthostatic Hypotension Drop in blood pressure when a person goes from a sitting to standing
Hypertension High Blood pressure
Hypotension low blood pressure
Created by: brandonewsichek