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Bacteriologic media

quiz 4

Which type of media supports the growth of non-fastidious microbes? Supportive
Which type of media provides extra nutrients for fastidious microbes, while still allowing the non-fastidious ones to grow? Enriched
Which type of media allows the growth of one gram stain morphology while inhibiting the other; accomplished with chemicals (antibiotics) and dyes? Selective
Which type of media differentiates based on a specificcharacteristic after the colony grows on the agar? Differential
BAP Blood adgar plate. Differential types of hemolysis.
TSA Tryptic Soy Agar.Basic supportive media used for non-fastidious organisms.
PEA Phenylethylalcohol Agar. This media inhibits the growth of gram-neg bacilli while encouraging growth of most gram-pos.
CHOC Chocolate Agar. Is made with blood that has been heated to liberate the hemoglobin required for very fastidious organisma to grow.
MAC MacConkey's Agar. Media incorporates one or more ingredients that will inhibit the growth of gram pos cocci whil encouraging the growth of non- fastidious gram-neg bacilli Also allows us to differentiatebetween lactose and non=lactose
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