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Bible Unit II

Joshua-Esther, Historical Books

What year did the Persian King Cyrus allow a return to Judah? 538
Who lead the Jews back to & rebuilt the temple? Zerubbabel
Who lead the second group of returning exiles? Ezra
Who was Nehemiah & what did he do? was a cupbearer to the Persian king brought back Jews from Babylon & rebuilt the walls
Who dedicated her son to the Lord's services under Eli's direction? Hannah
What Judge called Barak to be her partner? Deborah
Who was David's dad? Jesse
Who was David's grandparents? Ruth & Boaz
What tribe was David from? Judah
How many kings were in the north & south kingdom? 20 in each
How many good kings were in the north? & in the south? North=0 South=2 Hezekiah & Josiah
How many dynasties were in the south kingdom (Judah)? 1
What king caused the fall of the northern kingdom (isreal)? Shalmaneser V
What king caused the fall of the southern kingdom (judah)? What was the year? Nebuchadnezzar 587/6
What was the capital of the northern kingdom? What was the year? Samaria 722/1
What was the capitol of the southern kingdom? Jerusalem
In what town was a concubine raped & killed? Gibeah
What town suffered for not helping fight the Benjaminites? Jabesh-Gilead
What city was hard to conquer due to Achan's sin? Ai
What was Achan's sin? stole stuff from Jericho
Identify Rahab was a prostitute who saved the 2 spies from Isreal when they went into Jericho
Who are the 5 major judges? Ehud Deborah Gideon Jephthah Ibzan Samson
Identify Ruth The daughter-in-law of Naomi that travels back with her to Bethlehem. She gleans for them. Then is given away in marriage to Boaz.
Identify Naomi Moves back to Bethlehem after her sons & husband dies. Makes a plan for Ruth to get remarried.
Who is Abishag? The last member of David's harum & wife he had no sexual relations with.
Who is Michal? Saul's daughter who David kills for Saul's 100 foreskins. She also despised David for dancing in an Ephod in the celebration;thus, she had no more children.
Who is Abigail? wife of Nabal who refused to give David food. Nabal dies 10 days later & David marries her.
Which of David's wives said you were going to make my song king? Bathsheba
Saul was from which tribe? Benjamin
Who taunted David & throws rocks at him? Shimei
Who of Saul's descendents were spared? Mephibosheth
What was Saul's sons name that helped David? Jonathan
What year did David become king? 1000BC
Who was David's father? Jesse
What tribe was David from? Judah
Identify Tamar, David's daughter. Her 1/2 brother rapes her and her brother, Amnon, takes him in then kills the brother who raped her.
Created by: midnight1854
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