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EVEN more human geo

Squatter settlement an area within a city in a less developed county in which people illegally establish residencies on land they dont own or rent and erect homemade structures.
Sustainable agriculure farming methods that preserve long-term productivity of land and minimize pollution(rotating crops, reducing fertilizers)
Extensive vs. intensive agriculture intensive- depends on many laborers per use of land, much less advanced. extensive- more technology used, more crops, less labor.
Chain migration migrants move to where other migrants are.
Distance Decay the further and longer it has to go, the less likely to diffuse
Forward capital a symbollically relocated capital city
gravity model predicts that the optimal location of a service is directly related to the number of people in the are, and its convenience.
carrying capacity how well the environment can support them
cartogram a map in which some thematic mapping variable
What does NAFTA stand for? North American Free Trade Agreement
morbidity disease/disorder/illness
OPEC Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries- organiztion that protects the interests of oil producing countries
Ecumene proportion of earths surface occupied by permenant human settlement
Cohort a group for population group, unified by a specific characteric
territoriality when humans seek to control a portion of the earths surface
complementarity ability to produce goods in one area which are needed in another
transhumance ssensual migration of livestock between mountains and lowland pastures
epidemiology the study of patterns of health and illness and associated factors at the population level
demography the scientific study of population characteristics
infrastructure basic physical organizational structures needed for the operation of society
population momentum natural increase to the population
irredentism when you annex territory in another country(90% are your people so they belong in your country)
remittance money sent home to family by migrant
spatial distribution physical location of geographic phenomena across space
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