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MOD A Unit 1 Exam

Review chap 1-3

With wave scheduling each hour is divided into segments of time.
When a patient does not show up for an appointment, the medical assistant should? record the reason for the missed appointment in the chart, record the missed appointment in the patient’s chart, write n/s above the scheduled appointment
The following are accessory structures of the integumentary system, except epidermis
The layer that contains the blood vessels that supply the surface of the skin is called what? dermis
Sebum is discharged by what glands? sebaceous glands
what is Acne? it is an inflammatory disease of the follicles of the sebaceous glands mainly affecting adolescents
what do the arrector pili muscles do? when these muscles contract, they can cause goose bumps or hair to stand up
what is alopecia? loss of hair in defined patches usually involving the scalp
What is eczema? an inflammatory skin disease of the epidermis
what is dermatitis? inflammation of the skin
what is the purpose of melanin? it gives color to the skin
what is Impetigo? a skin infection caused by Streptococcus or Staphylococcus in children usually resembled by a rash on the face
what is Herpes simplex? an inflammatory skin disease caused by a herpes virus.
Bulla is: A fluid-filled blister more than 5 mm in diameter with thin walls.It is an inflammatory skin disease of the epidermis.
The body cools itself by sweat glands producing sweat
The functions of the skin include: protection, regulation, sensation, and secretion
Treating the most severely injured or sickest patient first is unfair and unethical. false
The main purpose of wave scheduling is to allow the physician to choose the order in which the patients are to be seen. false
what is albino/albinism? lack of pigmentation in the skin
When a patient cancels 1 hour before an afternoon appointment, the medical assistant should try to fill the empty time slot.
White hair results from ? air bubbles in the hair shaft
The more melanin produced by melanocytes the darker the skin
a keloid is hypertrophic scar tissue
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