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6SS Chapter 6

Judaism and Christianity

Whom do the Hebrews claim as their ancestor? Abraham
What is the first part of the Hebrew Bible called? the Torah
What religion was nearly everyone who lived in the Byzantine Empire? Christian
What is the Resurrection? the Christian belief that Jesus rose from the dead
When did Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire? after the conversion of Constantine
During which Jewish holiday do Jews celebrate the Exodus? Passover
What are Jewish religious leaders called? Rabbis
What are the Gospels? accounts of Jesus' life and teachings
What is one non-Roman feature in the Byzantine Empire? the Greek language
Conflicts between kings forced Israel to break into what two kingdoms? Israel and Judah
What do Jews consider the holiest day of the entire year? Yom Kippur
According to the Bible, what city was Jesus born in? Bethlehem
According to the Bible, what did God promise Abraham? that his descendents would be a mighty nation
How did the Hebrews view their release from slavery? as a sign that God was protecting them
What is righteousness? the concept of doing what is right and proper
How was Jesus killed? by crucifixtion
What does the holiday of Hanukkah celebrate? the miracle of the oil lamp
What is the central part of all Jewish religious services? reading passages from the Torah
Why are there many Christian denominations? because people have interpreted Jesus's teachings in many different ways
Why did Paul write long letters to various communities? in order to explain and elaborate on Jesus's teachings
Without Theodora, what would Justinian have probably done? he would have fled Constantinople and given up his throne
Why did Constantine become a Christian? because he saw a cross in the sky
Where could you find Jewish commentaries, stories and folklore? the Talmud
What did Paul do before his conversion to Christianity? he worked to prevent Christians from spreading their message
Who was often forced to move by groups who discriminated against them? the Jews
What other name is the Eastern Roman Empire also known as? the Byzantine Empire
What is the Hebrews' journey out of Egypt also known as? the Exodus
According to the Bible, what did Moses receive on Mt. Sinai? the Ten Commandments
Who wrote the Gospels? Matthew, Mark, Luke & John
What happened during Diaspora? Jews were scattered outside of Israel and Judah
In what part of the Bible did many people become followers of Jesus after they saw him perform miracles? the New Testament
Where did Jesus grow up? Nazareth
What were Jesus's followers called? disciples
What was the Hebrews' religion? Judaism
What was the capital of the eastern Roman empire? Constantinople
Where did the Hebrews settle and become known as the Israelites? Canaan
What are mosaics? pictures made from pieces of colored glass or stone
What was the Hagia Sophia? one of the Byzantine Empire's most beautiful churches
What are the Ten Commandments? a code of moral laws
What is the Talmud? a book with commentaries explaining Jewish laws
What is monotheism? to worship only one God
Who led the Hebrews on long journeys? Abraham and Moses
Who influenced the Byzantine society? merchants from Asia, Africa, and Europe
What are the most important Jewish laws? the Ten Commandments
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