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CS Lewis GITD 1

for exam one

who was Lewis' tutor? Kirkpatrick
Who was a close family friend who he lived with and had theological discussions with his uncle? Moore
Who was the author that Lewis read who inspired him to think of christianity as more than children's fables? GK Chesterton
tutor and professor of english at Reddington hugo Dyson
fellow at oxford and friend of Lewis (all night convo) JRR Tolkien
Boyhood friend who wrote letters to Lewis about faith Arthur Greaves
theistic lawyer at oxford owen barfield
he was a champion of what? mere christianity
he said that we need to focus on what? real things
we need to get rid of? chronological snobbery
common ground apologists EJ carnell, Jusin the Martyr
common ground book problem of pain
evidetialists Thomas Aquinas, RC Sproul, Josh McDowell
evidential book Mere Christianity
presuppositionalists Vantil, Francis Shaffer, Augustine
presuppositionalist book Miracles
thinker who wrote on emergent evolution whitehead
author friend of Lewis who stressed the imoportance of Dogma Sayer
uses dedcutive reasoning, start with being Ansalom
used inductive reasoning, start with nature/ senses Thomas Aquinas
said that you can connect mind and body..i doubt, therefore i think, therefore i am...using God Descarte
said that we are just little buddles of complexes...leads to Bulverism Freud
part of an economic class as part of the bourgeoisie...leads to bulverism Marx
thought that religion was simply a belief in God and immortality, liked the idea of minimalist religion Price
a scicilian writer who developed the theory that theancient beliefs about the gods originated from the elaboration of traditions of actual historical persons..."confused history" Euhemerus
wrote "the expanding universe" and realized that the earth was infentessimally small Eddington
wrote "alagest" and also contended that the earth was realatively small in comparison to universe Ptolemy
scared by his shadow when he looked at the vastness of the universe Pascal
Created by: campobasso24
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