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MT Ch2 Bingo

MT ch2 Bingo

Augmentation Mammoplasty Increase the size of the breasts
neurectomy Partial or total excision of a nerve
Emesis A term that means vomiting
Gastroenterologist The PHYSICIAN who specializes in intestinal and gastric disorders
gynecology The medical SPECIALTY that is devoted to treating diseases of the female reproductive organs
suture Uniting a wound by stitches
benign opposite of malignant
Angiorrhaphy suture of a blood vessel
amniocentesis Surgical puncture of the thin membrane that surrounds the fetus
neuralgia pain along the course of a nerve
hernia protrusion of all or part of an organ through the wall of a cavity that contains it
dilation stretching of a structure
edema presence of abnormally large amounts of fluid in the tissues that results in swelling
pyromania excessive preoccupation with fire
carcinoma another term for cancer
prolapse sagging
stasis a word that is also a suffix that means stopping or controlling
ophthalmitis inflammation of the eye
encephalocele herniation of the brain through an opening in the skull
cardiologist heart specialist
ophthalmorrhexis rupture of the eyeball
chirospasm cramping of the hand
calcipenia deficiency of calcium in the body
otic pertaining to the ear
lactase an enzyme that works on lactose
lipase an enzyme that breaks down fat
oncology medical specialty that is particularly concerned with mallignant rumors and their treatment
protease enzyme that breaks down protein
hyperemesis excessive vomiting
opthalmic pertaining to the eye
mastopexy surgical fixation of the breast
biospy excision of a small piece of living tissue for microscopic examination
cutaneous pertaining to the skin
otoplasty surgical repair of the ear
Created by: MrsSlagter