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Medical Scribe Quiz2

Aspirin is aka? Salicylate, used only for OD cases
Tylenol is aka? Acetaminophen, used for OD cases
4 seizure medications Dilnatin Phenobarbital Depakote Tegretol
2 Cardiac and AFib meds Digoxin (cardiac/afib) Coumadin (Afib->PT/INR ordered)
1 resp dz med Theophylline
3 renal fxn labs and how to tell if pt has renal insufficiency BUN-high Creatinine-high GFR-low
What is Warfarin? What lab is ordered for this med? aka Coumadin blood thinner PT/INR lab ordered with this drug
What does TIA stand for? Transient Ischemic Attack
What is ischemia? Lac of oxygen due to restriction of blood
What is TIA? Mini-stroke
What causes TIA? Caused by carotid artery dz/blockage
How is TIA treated? Doc listens to pt's neck for a bruit Carotid endarectomy used to remove plaque and increase blood flow
What is ordered for a TIA? US to the neck, not seen in CT scan
What does CVA stand for? Cerebral Vascular Accident
What are the two types of CVA? 1.Hemorrhagic 2.Non-hemorrhagic
What causes a hemorrhagic CVA? Induced by spontaneous eruption of an aneurysm, also by trauma
What type of pt is susceptible to traumatic bleeding? Older pts who are on blood thinners such as Coumadin and Plavix
What causes a non-hemorrhagic CVA? Caused by a thrombus or embolus blocking blood supply to a portion of the brain.
What is a "deficit" when talking about CVA? the damage done after CVA
McBurney's Sign The pt feels papin due to palpation of Mcburney's Poit, which is on the right side of the abd and 1/3 of the way from the anterior superior iliac spine to the umbilicus. A positive sign can mean a possible appendicitis. US or CT scan ordered.
Murphy's Sign Pt has pain on the RUQ of the abd where the gallbladder is located, during inspiration while palpating. Possible cholecystitis. US ordered
Rovsing's sign Pt feels pain in the RLQ due to palpation of the LLQ. Possible appendicitis. US or CT scan ordered
12 EKG Leads I, II, III, IV, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, AvL, AvF
NSR Normal sinus rhythm aka sinus rhythm (60-100bpm)
ST Sinus tachycardia (>100bpm)
SB Sinus bradycardia (<60bpm)
AFib Atria are beating abnormally leading to irregular impulses in the ventricles no p-wave heard on exam as "irregularly irregular" rhythm
2 types of AFib Paroxysmal AFib (random) Chronic AFib (always in AFib)
Pts with AFib are at risk for...? What treatment do they take? clots and CVA; pts usually take Coumadin or other anticoagulant
AFib w/ RVR RVR=rapid ventricular rate-> AFib with a rate above 100bpm
What is SVT? SVT=supraventricular tachycardia HR goes from 80 to 180 almost instantly
Treatment for SVT Usually resolves on its own or w/ IV meds such as adenosine
Cardiac Ectopy Change in distance btn PQRST intervals
2 types of cardiac ectopy PVC=pre-ventricle contraction PAC=pre=atrial contraction
LBBB/RBBB L/R bundle branch block
RAE/LAE R/L atrial enlargement
IVCD Intraventricular conduction delay
PVC pre-ventricle contraction
PAC pre-atrial contraction
AVB atrioventricular block
NS ST/T nonspecific
PRWP poor R wave progression
4 abnormalities with EKG T-wave inversion T-wave flattening in leads... Prolonged QT interval Prolonged T-waves
Created by: nyb229