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APHG Migration Vocab

Remittances money migrant send back to family and friends in their home coutnries, often in cash, forming an important part of the economy in many poorer coutnries
Cyclic Movement movement that has a closed route and is repeated annually or seasonally
Periodic Movement motion that recurs over and over and the period of time required for each recurrence remains the same
Activity Spaces the space within which daily activity occurs
Nomadism movement among a definite set of places
Migrant Labor A common type of periodic movement where people and their families (as many as 10 Mil. Americans per year) move to new locations where they will spend tours of duty lasting up to several years.
International Migration Permanent movement from one country to another.
Immigration migration into a place (especially migration to a country of which you are not a native in order to settle there)
Internal Migration the permanent or semipermanent movement of individuals within a particular country
Forced Migration human migration flows in which the movers have not choice but to relocate
Voluntary Migration movement in which people relocate in response to perceived opportunity; not forced.
Gravity Model a mathematical prediction of the interaction between two bodies as a function of their size and of the distance separating them
Push Factors negative conditions and perceptions that induce people to leave their adobe and migrate to a new location
Pull Factors a factor that draws or attracts people to another location
Step Migration migration to a distant destination that occurs in stages, for example, from farm to nearby village and later to a town and city
Intervening Opportunity The presence of a nearer opportunity that greatly diminishes the attractiveness of sites farther away.
Deportation the expulsion from a country of an undesirable alien
Kinship Links types of push or pull factors that influence a migrant's decision to go where family or friends have already found success
Chain Migration pattern of migration that develops when migrants move along and through kinship links
Explorers navigators and others that travelled around the world discovering new worlds and cultures
Colonization system of settling new lands that remain under the government of their native land
Regional Scale Interations occuring within a region, in a regional setting.
Islands of Developement Coastal cities formed by European Colonialism
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