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6th EE chapter 1

Tanzania Republic in East Africa formed in 1964 by union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar;5*S,35*E.
Great Rift Valley A series of cliffs and valleys caused by powerful prehistoric earthquakes that extends from Mozambique in southeastern Africa to the Red Sea.
Paleolithic Era The earliest part of the Stone Age charicterized by tools made of crudely chipped stone and by cave art.
Blombas Caves An archaeoligical site in South Africa where humans lived about 70,000 years ago; 30*S, 30*E.
Border Cave A major archaeoligical site in Zululand, South Africa and home of Old Stone Age hunters and gatherers; 27*S, 32*E.
hunter-gatherers A person who meets needs by hunting animals and gathering plants.
distortion In cartogrophy, or mapmaking , the unavoidable inaccuracy caused by stretching or cutting parts off the globe to fit them on a map
projection A way of placing parts on Earth on a flat map
equal-area projection A map that is useful for comparing sizes of land mases, on which shapes at the center are fairly accurate but are very distorted at the edges of the map
mercator projection A map that shows accurate shapes of land masses and correct straight-line directions, but which is distorted by areas of the poles
technology The use of skills and tools to meet practical human needs
polar projection A map projection that shows the area around the North of South Pole.
flaking A Process of shaping stone by chipping pieces off the edges.
problem A question, situation, or condition that is difficult, confusing, or not resolved.
consequence A result of an action.
evaluate To judge.
migrate To move from one place to another to live, especially a large group of people.
Neolithic Era The last period of the Stone Age when human beings began to develop agriculture.
agriculture The raising of crops and animals for human use.
domesticate To train plants or animals to be useful to people.
Catal Huyuk The first known city, existe more that 8,500 years ago in present-day Turkey; 38*N, 34*E.
surplus An extra supply of something,such as crops that are not needed.
civilization A culture that has developed systems of specialization, religion, learning and government.
specialize To spend most of one's time doing one kind of job.
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