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6th EE Intro

Geography The study of Earth's environment and how it shapes people's lives and how Earth is shaped by people's activities.
climate The weather pattern of an area over a long period of time.
values Ideals of beliefs that guide the way people live.
outline A plan for organizing written information about a subject
oral history Spoken records, including stories, that have been passed from one generation to the next
physical regions An area with physical features that set it apart from neighboring areas.
culture The way of life of a group of people at a particular time, including their daily habits, beleifs and arts.
customs A way of living that people of the same culture practice regularly over time.
sources Anything that provides information or evidence.
artifacts An object made by someone in the past.
primary sources A first-hand account of an event or an artifact created during the period of history being studied.
secondary source A record of the past, based on information from primary sources.
archaelogists A person who studies the remains of past cultures.
excavate To dig or scoop out Earth.
genes One of the tiny units of a cell of an animal or plant that determines the characteristics that an offspring inherits from its parent or parents.
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