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Church History #2

The Church Grows

Why did the Gospel spread so widely during the first three centuries? Apostles went out beyond Jerusalem, to the Gentiles, and preached about Christianity.
Start and Spread of Christianity Structure of visible institution of Church we know today began to emerge. Acts of the Apostles records spread of Christian faith. Jesus' disciples carried message to every corner of Roman empire.
Earliest Disciples Jews. Eventually cut off from Jewish community and banned from synagogues when Romans destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem. Saint Stephen was first martyr.
Saint Paul's Mission to the Gentiles Gentile-anyone not Jewish; St. Paul was Jewish leader and persecuter or Christians. Converted to Christianity and changed his name from Saul to Paul. Now he baptized, preached and taught about Jesus.
Council of Jerusalem Objected to Saint Paul's including Gentiles among the followers of Jesus without 1st becoming Jews at Council of Jerusalem(1st council).Turning point for Church.Gentiles just being able to the Church allowed vast growth.Later Church was mainly Gentiles.
Presbyters Leadership relied on Apostles and presbyters. Presbysters- leaders chosen by Apostles to be co workers who governed the Church with them.
Proclaiming the Gospel Saint Paul and leaders try to correct false teachings of the Church.Leadership roles and other forms of ministry were in place that would characterize the shape of church for future.Bishop of Rome is successor of St. Peter who Jesus made the visible
foundation of the Church.He leads the other bishops and is the pastor of the whole church.
The Deposit of Faith Heritage of faith contained in sacred scripture.One of the most faithful trusts of the Church.Letters of St. Paul indicate that fulfilling tje responsibility and office truthfully was a struggle.
Defenders of the faith Faithfulness to teaching of the Apostles is essential to life of the Church.It is a matter of Salvation.Apologists defended and explained the faith of the church.Justin Martyr,Clement of Alexandria,Tertullian + Origen.St. Irenaeus wrote Adversus Haereses
ecumenical council gathering of all the bishops that is called, confirmed, or accepted by Pope; Council of Nicea I and Council of Constantinople I- Teachings of Apostles were reaffirmed and explained.Nicene Creed
apostolic succession bishops are successors of aspotles and have responsibility and authority to teach and defend the faith.
gnostics held wide range of views,challenged teachings.
heresis false teachings
Apostles Creed Ancient creed that was used in the celebration of Baptiam in Rome.
Christian Worship Church celebrates faith and saving work of Christ in liturgy. Has roots in Jewish rituals. mission to Gentiles introduced s number of changes to Christian worship.
Orders Bishops are ordained to authentically teach faith,celebrate gospel,and guide the faithful in living the gospel.Consecrated to serve the church by the laying on of hands.
Christian Initiation(Baptism) preperation,formal questioning, and Trinitarian formula,laying of ands,anionting with oil
Eucharist memorial of Christ's paschal mystery,the work of our salvation.mass rites today also took shape in the early church
Religious communities joined together and formed communities to support one another in living the Gospel.St. Anthony of Desert.consecrated life. Vows to follow poverty, obedience and chastity.
contemplative life silence,prayer,solitary;Cloistered-never leave the place they live.
Religious life support one another in the work of proclaiming the gospel and serving others by living the works of mercy.
Applied to our lives... Community-group of individuals who work together for a specific purpose:profess and adhere to certain values and follow certain rules:contribute to group and accept and fufill certain roles and responsibilities.1.promote purpose of group2.make a differenc
e in group.3.not self about others.5.give energy and time to active member of group
All faithful are called to give witness to Christ. Holy Spirit works through all the baptized giving each the grace to share in the mission of the Church on Earth.
Created by: TaylorSwift13FAN
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