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AMT Unit 7

dipl double
em in
endo within
hyper above, excessive
peri around
acoust hearing
ambly dull
audi/o to hear
auditor hearing
aur ear
blephar, blephar/o eyelid
cycl/o ciliary body
dacry/o tear
kerat, kerat/o cornea
labyrinth, labyrinth/o maze
lacrim tear
laryng/o larynx
mast breast
myc fungus
myring, myring/o drum membrane
neur/o nerve
relieve pain without causing loss of consciousness analgesics
anitpyretics act to relieve pain and reduce fever
are used to treat infectious diseases that are caused by bacteria antibiotics
anticholinergics are used to block the passages of impules through the parasympathetic nerves
are used to counteract the effects of hisamine anihistamines
cholinergics, and cholinesterase inhibitors are drugs that are used to treat glaucoma diuretics
are agents that cause the pupil to dilate mydriatics
are used to treat infectious diseases. Those that are used for the eye may be in the form of an ointment,cream,or solution antibiotics
agents are used in treating fungal infections of the eye, such as blepharitis, conjunctivitis, adn keratitis antifungal
agents are used to treat viral infections of the eye antiviral
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