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The science that deals with people’s performance and good health while carrying out job tasks and interacting in the work environment. ergonomics
____________ range of motion us used when the patient is able to move the affected body part independently active
The use of ____________ range of motion is accomplished with the assistance of a treating person passive
Medical waste consists of all of the following except: Occupational
Complete immersion of a body part into heated water is called __________. hydrotherapy
The first detailed studies of human anatomy were published by Vesalius
An MA with _____________ is usually honest, dependable, punctual, and dedicated to high standards integrity
Which of the following is defined as a false perception which has no relation to reality hallucination
The hand grip of the cane should be at the level of the hip joint with the elbow flexed at an angle of 25-30 degrees
The ability to move the thumb into contact with the other fingers opposition
The American Medical Association Principles of Medical Ethics states that the Physician should: provide competent medical service with compassion and respect for human dignity
The principles for proper body mechanics for stooping include standing close to the object you are moving
This type of burn causes damage extending through the epidermis and into the dermis, causing vesicles and scaring second-degree
Refers to the moral conduct of people in medical professions medical ethics
Cold therapy is useful to prevent or reduce swelling
Disease producing microorganisms transmitted by means of blood and body fluids containing blood bloodborne pathogens
Which of the following agencies is responsible for testing and approving drugs for public use FDA
The primary purpose of the AAMA is which of the following? defines the skills of a medical assistant
Used for the treatment of disorders such as psoriasis whirlpool
The purpose of the Good Samaritan Act is to helps to protect a health care professional from liability which giving emergency care
trauma to a muscle form excessive stretching or pulling strain
Patience, a sense of humor, and the ability to work with the sick depends on one’s ability and willingness to show empathy
___________ is defined as the inflammation of a joint which usually occurs with pain and swelling arthritis
When considering the seating in a medical office which type of furniture is the most appropriate chairs with good support
Which type of personality is more stress-prone? Type A
Public duties of a physician include reporting hopsitalizations
___________ involves placing the extremities into hot wax to relax the muscles and promote healing. paraffin bath
May be an appropriate response to stress withdrawal
A lawsuit tried in court is referred to as a litigation
Agitation, loss of energy, self-reproach, and diminished ability to concentrate are signs of Depression
_____________ is defined as an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system multiple sclerosis
Which type of laws are made to protect the public as a whole from the harmful acts of others Criminal law
Membership in the AAMA is not necessary to take the Certification Exam
According to the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, all public facilities must be accessible to: all persons with physical disabilities or handicaps
The first woman to qualify as a physician in the United States was: Blackwell
A stress related condition in which the patient is in a constant state of worry is: anxiety
Severe moods swings, hallucinations, and disorientation are signs of: Psychoses
The MA may administer medication under the direct supervision of the physician
Threatening to harm a patient or to perform a procedure for which they do not consent is an example of Defamation
To prevent___________ ergonomics recommend that the fingers be lower than the wrists when operating a computer keyboard. carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS)
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is composed of five titles. True
Currently there are 23 specialty boards that are covered by the American Board of Medical Specialists. True
Ultrasound is only used as a diagnostic procedure. False
People need both sensory and social stimulation True
A nutritionist has specialized training in nutritional care of groups or individuals True
The Lofstrand crutch is commonly used for persons who have suffered a fractured leg False
Define OSHA Occupational Safety And Health Administration
According to the CDC, protective equipment includes ____________, ___________, __________, _____________, ____________. gloves, eyewear, masks, gowns, and laboratory coats
What is disposed in the sharps Biohazard container? Needles, glass, anything sharp
Ultrasound treatments are usually _____ minutes or less in length as ordered by the physician. 10
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