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human geo ch.1 part2

AP human heography mrs.rivera chpt. 1 second 16 (blji)

Place uniqueness of a location
Sense of Place state of mind derived through the infusion of a place with meaning and emotion by remebering important events that occured in that place or by labeling a place with a certain charachter
Perseption of Place Belief or "understanding" about a place developed through books, movies, or pictures
Movement the mobility of people, goods and ideas across the surface of the planet/
Spatial Interaction A that exists when two regions, through an exchange of raw materials and/or finished products, can specifically satisfy each other's demands.
Distance Measurement of the physical space between two places.
Accessibility the degree of ease with which it is possible to reach a certain location from other locations.
Connectivity the degree of direct linkage between one particular location and other locations in a transport network.
Landscape the overall apparence of an area.
Cultural Landscape the visible imprint of human activity and culture on the landscape
Sequent Occupance The notion that a successive socities leave their cultural imprints on a place, each contributing to the cumulative cultural landscape
Cartography the art and science of making maps, including data comp, layout, and design.
Refrence Map maps that show the absolute location of placesand geographic features determined by a frame of refrence,typically latitude and longitude.
Thematic Map Maps that tell storiesa, typically showing the degree of some attibute or the movement of a geographic phenomena
Asolute Location the position or place of a certain item on the surface of the earth as expressed in degrees, minutes, and seconds of latitude, 0 to 90 north or south of the equator and longitude 0- 180 east or west of the prime meridian passing through Greewich, England.
Global Positioning System Satellite based system for determining the absolute location of places or geographic features.
Created by: whitneysara
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