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Ap Human Geo Chpt.1

AP human heography mrs.rivera chpt. 1 first 16 ( Blji)

Fieldwork the study of geogrpahic phenomena by visitng places and observing how people interact with and thereby change those places.
Human Geography One of the two major divisons of geography; the spatial analysis of human population, its cultures, activities, and landscape.
Globalization the expansion of economic, political, and cultural processes to the point that they become global in sclae and impact. The processes of globalization transcend state boundaries and have outcomes the vary across places and scales.
Physical Geography One of the two major divisions of systematic geography; the spatial analysis of the strutcure, processes, and location of the Earth's natural phenomena such as climate, soil, plants, animals, and topography
Spatial Pertaining to space on the Earth's surface;sometimes used as a synonym for geographic
Spatial Distribution Physical location of geographic phenomena across space
Pattern The design of a spatial distribution.
Medical Geogrpahy the study of health and disease within a geographic context and from a geographical perspective.
Pandemic An outbreak of a disease that spreads worldwide.
Epidemic Regional outbreak of a disease
Spatial Perspective Observing variations in geographic phenomena across space.
Five Themes location,human-environment, region, place, and movement
Location The geographical situation of people and things
Location- Theory A logical attempt to explain the locational pattern of an economic activity and the manner in which its producing areas are interrelated.
Human- Enivronment reciprocal relationship between humans and environment
Region an area on earths surface marked by a degree of formal, functional, or perceptual homogenity of some phenomena
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