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Wellness Test 1

Living to your potential, healthy lifestyle Wellness
Age expectancy in the U.S. 78 years old
Healthy life expectancy 78 minus years of disease
Average years of healthy life expectancy 67 years
leading cause of death heart disease
top 3 leading causes of death heart disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease (in this order)
what does Healthy People 2010's message? 1. To increase the quantity in years of healthy life. 2. To eliminate health disparities (leading to years of disease)
Dimensions of Wellness and Health 1. Physical 2. Intellectual 3. Emotional 4. Social 5. Spiritual 6. Environmental 7. Occupational accronym:(SPIES-EO)
Physical Wellness absence of disease
Intellectual Wellness active mind, and wellness lifestyle
Emotional Wellness ability to express feelings and emotions such as 1. awareness (your emotions and other people; 2. acceptance of emotion; 3. management of emotions
Social Wellness interactions with others
Spiritual Wellness Feeling of having a purpose in life, knowing what it is
Environmental Wellness preserving animals/wildllife/all areound us
Occupational Wellness Job environment/chemicals
Growing in Wellness: Remember this pneumonic: Are All Kings Self Motivation Selfish Sons? Awareness, Assessment (identifying/assess wellness today), Knowledge (make decisions on your lifestyle), Self-management (goal setting on knowledge of ur assessment), Motivation, Support/Opportunity to Change, Self Responsibility
Awareness is.. everything in life/quality of life is affected by wellness.
Goal for everyone live in a wellness society as a societal norm.
Prescription for wellness is....! make time for yourself, read everyday, get enough sleep
How do you change your behaviors? ex.: diet, schedule, lifestyle, family
self-efficacy amount of confidence you have in the ability to change your behavior
5 STAGES OF CHANGE.. what is the model used? Transtheoretical model
5 Stage of CHANGE: Precontemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintanence
precontemplation denial...there is no issue. "pre" before you "see" what is wrong
Contemplation You are thinking about changing and that it may be worth trying. "comtemplate you fate"
Preparation You are going to finally do it, and you are ready to take some action. "Prepare for it!"
Action Did the change, Progress, changed for the better
Maintanence Maintained for up to 6 months and to prevent relapse
Processes of Change helping relationships (support), counter conditioning (substitute bad with a less harmful behavior), reward (for small milestones), environmental control
Make your goals SMART... S - specific, M - measurable, A - achievable, R - reward (included), T - time-defined
Relapse routine or change in routine, stress, cravings or tempations; cravings could be emotional, psychological
If you fall into relapse... Go back to your plan and start over!
Importance of exercise keeps you in shape, helps with your CV system, prevention of hypokinetic diseases (to to lack of exercise), maintains weight, lowers resting heart rate, lowers resting BP, releives stress, releases endorphins
Hypokinetic diseases are from: obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, high cholesterol, high blood pressure (hyertension), sleep apnea, arthritis
60% in US (are or are not) involved in any physical activity are NOT
90% of those involved, did not have enough activity to maintain___ their health
Phsyical Fitness moving with a purpose to benefit your health
Sports related phy. fitness exercise to work on sports'related components
reaction - agility time corridation balance speed power are all what? physical fitness sports related components
health related phy. fitness CV health,and endurance, musc. endurance, body comp, musc strength, flexibility
CV endurance heart, lungs, and BC ability to deliver 02 to the body tissues, VO2 max
muscular endurance ans strength strength: 1 rep at strength test, endurance: sit-up test
flexibility ROM around a joint, sit and reach test
body comp or % fat underwater weighing, bioelectrical imedence, DEXA (bone density test), skin fold test/calipers, waist - to - hip ratio, hear infrared interactance or X-ray test
3 parts to phy. fitness warm-up: preparing muscles for activity and heart
exercise activity 20-30 mins (CV activity)
cool down slow down blood flow, sudder stop will increase blood flow, (cramping) and decrease brain/heart blood flow(dizziness, ect.)
Created by: Sarahmarie001