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Micro Stain/Culture

Micro Stain/Culture/Biochemical Techniques

gram positive PEA
gram positive CNA
anarobes laked blood agar
C. diptheriae tinsdale
Nisseria thayer
B. pertussis bordet gengou
legionella BCYE
Yersinia CIN
mycobacterium lowenstein jensen
Ureaplasma urelyticum MES
use of citrate as sole C source simmons citrate
staph (staph aureus - yellow) manitol salts
clostridium (lecinthinase) egg yolk media
gram negative (lactose fermenters (E. coli) - red) MacConkey
enterobacteria (salmonella and shigella)(lactose fermenters - yellow, nonfermenters - black) hektoen enteric agar
salmonella (xylose fermentation - black) from shigella xylose lysine deoxycholate
vibrio species TCBS
staph positive, strep negative catylase
staph aureus positive coagulase
neisseria - purple (indolphenol) oxidase
E. coli (tryptophanase) - red indole
proteus (urease) - pink urease
citrate as C source - blue cirate utilization test
strep orange --> black bile esculin
clear zone in green medium DNase
gram negative fermentation
strep pneumoniae Optochin (P disc)
group A and beta hemolytic strep A disc (bacitracin)
acid from fermentation of glucose (purple to pink), casein digestion (clear gray), lactose fermentation (purple to white) litmus milk
enterobacteria, ability to ferment sugars TSI
C. diptheriae elek
binds polysaccharides (apple green, blue white) (fungi) KOH and calcoflour white
CSF specimens, cryptococcus neoformans (fungi) india ink
polysaccharides, oxidation pink --> purple (fungi) periodic acid schiff
each microbe has unique phospholipid/FA profile PLFA
gram negative fermenters - green eosin methylene blue
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