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A radiograph of a joint capsule taken after injection of a contrast medium Arthrogram
Endoscopic examination of the interior of a joint Arthroscopy
Postauricular (behind the ear) ecchymosis. It may indicate a fracture of a bone of the lower skull Battle's sign
X-ray examination of bone after injection of radioactive material, to identify areas of injury disease or regeneration Bone Scan
Use of low-dose x-radiation of two different energies to measure bone mineral content at different anatomic sites Dual X-Ray absorptiometry (DEXA)
a graphic record of the electrical activity of muscle both at rest & during contraction Electromyogram
the rate of settling of rbc in anticoagulated blood.increased rates are often associated with anemia or inflammatory states Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
acaliabrated device used to measure the arc or range of motion of a joint Goniometer
Joint movement(active,passive,or a combination) carried out to assess. preserve or increase the arc of joint motion Range Of Motion
ionizing radiation passed through tissue to visualize bones Radiography
Calciun salts are responsible for radiopacity of bone, calcified cartilage and arteriocelerotic plaques in arteries Serum Calcium
White crystals, poorly soluble contained in solution in the urine of mammals, sometimes in small masses as cryalswith dosium and other bases it forms urates which deposit in connective tissues and articular cartilage, elevated levels associated with gout Serum Uric Acid
sound waves transmitted to visualize muscles, legaments Ultrasound
compound capable of producing analgesia. one that relieves pain by alltering perception of nociceptive simuli without producing anesthesia or loss of consciousness Analgesic
a drug that is destructive to or preventing the browth of bacteria Antibacterial
a drug that reduces the levels of uric acid Antihyperuricemic
reducing inflammation by acting on body responses without directly antagonizing the causative agent Antiinflammatory medications
an agent that reduces fever Antipyretics
Aspiration of fluid from a joint through a needle Arthrocentesis
the stiffening of a joint by operative means Arthrodesis
an operation to restore as far as possible the integrity and functional power of a joint Arthroplasty
anyh free (unattached) bone for transplantation Bone Graft
an orthosis or orthopedic appliance that supports or holds in correction position any movable part of the body and that allows motion of the part Brace
Surgical removal of a bunion Bunionectomy
Rigid encasement of a body part, as with plaster, fiberglss or plastic to immobilize Cast
a steroid prodouced by the adrenal cortex: a corticoid containing a steroid Corticosteroid
Excision of a ganglion Ganglionectomy
a balloon is used to inflate the area of fracture before a cement-like substance in injected. used in fractured vertebra Kyphoplasty
surgical repair of a muscle Myoplasty
any one of a group of pharmacotherapeutic agents exerting antiinflammatory actions (asprin, ibuprofen) made with serroid compounds Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAID)
reduction by manipulation of bone after incision in skin and muscle over the site of the fracture & stabilization of fracture Open Reduction Internal Fixation
Bone grafting: reparative or plastic surgery of the bones osteoplasty
cutting a bone usually by means of a saw or chisel Osteotomy
treatment to rehibilitate patients disabled by injury with different modalities suce as exercise Physical therapy
Fabricated substitute for a diseased or missing part of the body Prosthesis
an appliance used to prevent movement of a joint or to fixate displaced or movable part Splint
A surgical procedure to accomplish bony fusion between two or more vertebrae Spondylosyndesis
suture of the divided ends of a tendon Tenorrhaphy
the surgical division of a tendon for relief of a deformity caused by congenital or acquired shortening of a muscle as in club foot Tenotomy
a pulling or dragging force exerted on a limb in a distal direction for fracture alignment Traction
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