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Ch 10 Islamic World

Islam vocab chapter 10

arabic word for god Allah
founder and prophet of islam Muhammad
earliest monotheistic religion that developed in arabia Islam
followers of Islam Muslim
Muhammads migration from Mecca to Yathrib Hijrah
holy book of Islam Qur'an
islam house of worship Mosque
a pilgrimage to Mecca Hajj
An islamic model for living Sunna
a body of law governing the lives of muslims Shari'ah
a supreme political and religious leader in muslim government Caliph
the branch of islam whose members acknowledge Ali as the rightful successor Shiite
a muslim who seeks the achieve direct contact with god through mystical means Sufi
to pray five times a day Salat
muslim holy month of prayer and fasting Ramadan
open marketplace in a muslim country Bazaar
one who calls muslims to pray Muezzin
slender tower attached to the mosque Minaret
earliest surviving islamic monument, where Muhammad ascended into heaven Dome of the Rock
holiest city of islam Mecca
branch of Islam that acknowledges the 1st 4 caliphs as rightful successors of Muhammad Sunni
a muslims religious duty Five Pillars
political leader with absolute power Sultan
a religious leader, regarded as sinless, with direct linage to Ali Imam
the name of this city means the "city of the prophet" Medina
nomadic, desert tribesmen who began settlements in the Arabian desert Bedouin
title given to each leader of the Muslim Empire following Muhammad's death- it means "Successor" Caliph
nick-name given to the first 4 leaders to rule after Muhammad, elected by the Muslim community "Rightly Guided"
these rulers moved the capital from Mecca to Damascus and lived a luxurious lifestyle Umayyad Caliphs
group of Muslims living a life of poverty seeking direct contact with Allah Sufi
empire established in North Africa, named after Muhammad's daughter Fatimid Dynasty
name of the Muslim state formed in southern Spain by the Umayyad Empire Al-Andalus
the larger of the two branches of Islam that embraced Muhammad's example (Sunna) as the proper way to live Sunnis
the capital of the Abbasid Empire Baghdad
capital of the Fatimid Dynasty Cairo
social class in which the "protected people" belonged third class
name given to the "people of the book," Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians who enjoyed certain priviliges over other non-Muslims "protected people"
the important center of learning under the Abbasid rule in Baghdad House of Wisdom
an artistic style of handwriting created by Muslims Calligraphy
Muslim scholar whose work in mathematics has contributed to modern math (algebra) Al-Kwarazini
Muslim scholar whose work in optics helped develop the modern telescopes and microscopes, leading to greater understanding of the universe Ibn-al-Haytham
this new method of learning formed the foundation for the scientific method of the Enlightenment in Europe hundreds of years later observation and experimentation
these factors helped Islam spread quickly over 3 continents following Muhammad's death military skills, familiarity with monotheism, tolerance of other religions, and unity of religous and public lives
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