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Spelling exam

Elements of pleasure of displeasure, liking or disliking that are a component of emotions is: subjective feelings
How stress is labeled when events have a harmful effect is distress
A response to stressful situations that involves a change in our behavior due to another’s direct influence is: conformity
People who tend to be relaxed type B individuals
Making mutual concessions with another person is: negotiation
Severe mental disorders that interfere with a perception of reality is: psychoses
A method for treating mental disorders by mental rather that physical means is: psychotherapy
The preferred way to manage stress whenever there is a reasonable possibility of success is: assertiveness
A complex emotion that occurs when we fear losing a close relationship with another person or have lost it already is: jealousy
A complex pattern of changes that includes physiological arousal, subjective feelings, cognitive processes, and behavior reactions–all in response to a situation we perceive to be personally significant–is: emotion
The pattern responses an individual makes to stimulus events that disturb his or her equilibrium or exceed coping abilities is: stress
Energizing and directing our efforts toward a meaningful goal is: motivation
May serve as a valuable “window” that influences not only how individuals appraise stress but also how they cope with stress is: gender
Good stress is known as: eustress
How stress is labeled when events have a harmful effect is: distress
A disease that results in a reduction of bone mass which frequently occurs in postmenopausal women is: osteoporosis
____________ is the movement away from the midline of the body. (p. 194) abduction
A form of arthritis with inflammation of the joints, swelling, stiffness, and pain is: rheumatoid arthritis
People who tend to be competitive, argumentative, and impatient as well as hostile is: Type “A” individuals
Mild emotional disturbances that impair judgment is: stress
An adaptive response to stress which allows us to remain in the stressful situation but in a less active way than with an assertive approach is: compromise
The urge to succeed is a: desire for success
Inflammation of a joint which usually occurs with pain and swelling is arthritis
Redness of the skin is: erythema
Goal-directed activities that energize and direct behavior is: motives
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