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Moose Exploration

Who had the largest trading post empires in North America? France
What were the three items traded in the Triangular Trade routes? slaves, guns, sugarcane
What was the journey of the enslaved people from Africa to the Americas called? Middle Passage
What navigational tool did the Europeans use to determine latitude? Astrolabe
Why did the Japanese trade only with the Dutch? The Dutch did not try to spread Christianity
What type of colony was located in New Orleans and Canada? Trading Post Empire
What type of colony had cash crops as the basis for its economy? Plantation Colony
What theory states a country's power depends on its wealth? Mercantilism
What was the purpose of the settler colony? Gain power by claiming land in New World
What type of colony was established to hold onto land in the New World? Settler Colony
What items were being traded in the trading post colony? fur and fish
Where were the settler colonies located? Eastern coast of North America
What imaginary line divided the world between Spain and Portugal? Line of demarcation
Created by: camoose