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HOPE Ch.13 Vocab

Terms and Definitions of Chapter 13 for HOPE

Physical Activity Any movement that requires your large muscle groups to work.
Endorphins Chemicals that block pain messages from reaching your brain cells.
Physical Fitness Having the strength and energy to participate in various activities.
Body composition The amount of fat tissue in your body compared to the amount of lean tissue (muscles and bones).
Aerobic Exercise Ongoing physical activity that raises your breathing rate and heart rate.
Anaerobic Exercise Intense physical activity that lasts for a few seconds to a few minutes
Isometric Exercise Exercise in which muscles contract but very little body movement takes place.
Isotonic Exercise Exercise that involves contracting and relaxing your muscles through the full range of a joint's motion.
Isokinetic Exercise Exercise in which muscles contract at a constant rate.
Lifelong Fitness The ability to stay healthy and fit as you age.
FITT Formula F-Frequency I-Intensity T-Time T-Type
Target Heart rate The rate at which your cardiovascular system receives the most benefits from exercise without working too hard.
Cross-Training Participation in a wide variety of physical activities.
Dehydration Excessive water loss.
Dietary Supplement Any product that contains one or more vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other dietary supplements that may be lacking in a diet.
Overtraining Exercising too intensely for too long without allowing enough time for rest.
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