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Mod 110 unit 1


AAMA The professional association for medical assistants that oversees programss of accreditation, graduate certificates and provide a forum for issues of concerns to the physicians.
Accreditation The process in which an institution voluntarily completes an extensive self study after which an accrediting association visits the school to verify self study statements.
Externship A situationin which a student works during the final stage of training w/o pay in a health care setting under supervision of someone at the site.
Confidentiality Safeguarding a patient's confidences, particularly information in the medical records regarding family histoory, past/current diseases or illness, test results and medications vital to t he patient and healthcare professional's relationship.
Discretion The ability to make decisions responsibly is tactful with communication with others and is able to be fare and be familar with policies and regulations.
Empathy The ability to be sensetive to understand the feeling of another individual.
Integrity Adherence to a code of values,honesty,dependibility and dedicated to high standards.
Certification The insurance by an office body or professional organization of a certificate and credientials to one who has met the educational and experienced standards of the organization.
CAAHEP Commision of Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program.
ABHES Accrediting Bereau of Health Education Schools
AMT A professional association that provides oversight for the registration and testing of medical technologies.
RMA A MA who meets the eligibility requirements and who can prove him/herself's competency to perform entry-level skills through written examination.
Caduceus The recognized symbol for medicine depicts a healing staff w/ two snakes coiled around the staff.
Morbidity Rates The rate of disease and illness within a certain population.
Licensure Granting a license and authorization to practice one's profession.
FLEX The Federation Licensing Examination: the US official medical licensing exam.
USMLE The United States Medical Licensing Examination: provides a single licensing exam for graduates from accredited medical schools.
CME Continuing Medical Education
Endorsement A clause in an insurance policy detailing an exemptionfrom or change in coverage.
Reciprocity The practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.
Registration A health care professional on record as a part of an organization or association in a specific health care field that administeres examinations and maintains a list of qualified individuals.
CNA A member of the health care who has completed training, taken state exams to be able to assist nurses in nursing homes, hospitals, etc.
RN A nurse that successfully completes a national licensure exam know as National Council Lincensure Exam.
PA An individual that assist the physician in the primary care of patients.
EMT A trained individual who provides emergency care and transporting injured patients to medical facilities.
Phlebotomist A skilled individual in drawing blood from a patient.
X-Ray Tech An individual certified in radiologic technology and skilled to perform x-rays on patients.
MT (Medical Technologist) An individual who directs the work of other laboratory staff and is responsible for maintaining quality assurance standards for all equipment and performs laboratory analysis.
Criminal Law Are made to protet the public as a whole from harmful acts of others.
CiviL Law Concerns relationships between individuals or beteen individuals and the government.
Reasonable Person Standard Exercing the ordinary standard of care and the type of care a reasonable person would use in a similar circumstance.
Breach of Contract The failure ny either party in a valid contract to comply with the terms of agreement.
Respondeat Superior A lation term meaning "LET THE MASTER ANSWER."
Standard of Care The level of knowledge, skill and care a medical practitioner must provide to all patients for the same care that would commonly be provided by other similar medical care professionals under the same circumstances in the same locality.
Malpractice Professional misconduct or demonstration of an unreasonable lack of skill with a result of injury, last or damage to the patient.
Res Ipsa Loquitur Docterin meaning "THE THING SPEAKS FOR ITSELF" applies to the law of negligence.
Statue of Limitations The maximum period of time during which a patient can take legal action.
Informed Consent Permission or approval given by a patient who is informed by the physician about possible consequences of both having/not having a certain procedure and treatment.
Living Will A document that allows patients to request that life sustaining treatments and nutritional support not be used to prolong their life.
Durable Power of Attorney A safeguard that someone would be able to act on the patient's behalf if he/she becomes physically or mentally incapacitated.
Uniform Anatomical Gift Act Allows a person 18y/o or older and of sound mind to make a gift of any or all parts of their body for purposes of organ transplantation or medical research.
Subpoena Duces Tecum An order to appear in court and to bring certain records or other materials to a trial or deposition.
Created by: Bianca Jones