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Medical Ethics and Law

The ethical standards established by a profession are administered by peer review
The AMA Principles of Medical Ethics states that the physician should do which of the following? Provide competent medical service with compassion and respect for human dignity
Any person of sound mind and legal age may give any part of the body after death for research or transplant under which of the following? Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
Problems associated with aging include changes witht the body's central nervous system, problems in detecting heat and cold, and failing thought processes (all of the above)
Threatening to harm a patient or to perform a procedure for which they do not consent is known as Assault
Criminal acts are divided into categories. which of the following is a catergory of a criminal act? Felony
Which laws are made to protect the public as a whole from the harmful acts of others? Criminal law
Consequences of a criminal act may include Fines, imprisonment, revocation of a license (all of the above)
The contract between a patient and a physician has three parts the offer, the acceptance, and the consideration
Who is legally responsible for obtaining an informed consent prior to a patient having surgery? the physician
A physician who has undertaken care of a patient and is then not available to continue that care may be sued for which of the following? Abandonment
Statements regarding patients may be considered which of the following defamation
The tort of which the following is a primary cause of malpractice suits Negligence
The purpose of the Good Samaritan Act is which of the following? Protect the physician who gives emergency care from liability for civil damages
If a physician chooses to withdraw from the care of a patient who does not follow instructions for treatment, withdrawl must be by means of which of the following? a letter sent via certified mail with return receipt requested
The Code of Ethics of the AAMA sets forth principles of ethical and moral conduct
A written statement or oral testimony that is made before a public officer of the court to be used in a lawsuit deposition
Maximum time period during which certain legal actions can be brought forward statute of limitations
Which of the following agencies is responsible for testing and approving drugs for public use? FDA
The MA may administer medication under the direct supervision of the physician
Which of the following describes a written attack on the reputation of another? libel
res ipsa loquitur the thing that speaks for itself
respondeat superior let the master answer
subpoena duces tecum appear in court with patient records
guardian ad litem court-appointed representative for a minor
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