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nomad a person who moves from place to place, often in search of water.
clan a group of related families
polytheism belief in more than one God
tribe a social group that shares a common ancestry, leadership, and traditions
convert a person who adopts new beliefs, especially those of a religious faith
monotheism belief in a single God
boycott a refusal to do business with an organization or group
caliph Muslim rulers who claimed religious authority to rule
mosque a Muslim place of worship
Makkah (also known as Mecca) An important religious and trading center on the Arabian Peninsula. The birthplace of Mohammad.
astrolabe It helped sailors determine their longitude, latitude, and time of day.
prophet someone who speaks for God
Madinah "The city of the prophet. Where Muhammad moved his followers.
bedouins nomadic (don't stay in one place) desert herders
minaret tower from which a crier (announcer) calls believers to pray
Sunna customs based on Muhammad's words and deeds
Quran (or Koran) Islam's holy book
Muslim follower of Islam
Muhammad Islam's prophet
Allah Arabic for "God"
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