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Suffixes: Symptoms or Diagnonsis and Word Associations 2.5

SuffixMeaningWord AssociationWord Association Definition
-estasia,-estasis dilatation, dilation (enlargment or stretching of a structure or part) AngiectasisNeurectasia Dilation of a blood or lymph vessel.Stretching of a nerve.
-edema swelling EdemaLymphedema Presence of abnormally large amounts of fluid in the tissues.Abnormal accumulation of tissue fluid brought about by lymphatic vessel disruption.
-emesis vomiting Emesis Vomiting
-emia condition of the blood Bacteremia Presence of bacteria in the blood.
-ia,-iasis condition Hysteria Condition named b/c long ago hysterical wmn. were thuoght to suffer from a disturbed condition of the uterus (hyster/o).
-itis inflammation Otitis Inflammation of the ear.
-lith stone or calculus cholelith AKA gallstone
-malacia soft, softening Osteomalacia Softening of the bones
-mania excessive preoccupation Kleptomania Stealing on impulse.
-megaly enlargement Mega Large
-oid (forms adj./n.) resembling Muciod Similar to or resembling mucus.
-oma tumor Carcinoma cancerous tumor
-osis condition (often abnormal) Neurosis Nervous condition that's not caused by a demonstrable structural change.
-pathy disease Pathogenic(derives from words containing path/o) Can cause disease.
-penia deficiency Calcepenia Deficiency of calcium.
-phobia abnormal Phobia Obsessive, irrational fear of a specific obj, activity, or phys. situation.
-ptosis prolapse (sagging) Ptosis sagging, drooping of the eyelids.
-rrhage,-rrhagia excessive bleeding or hemorrhage Hemorrhage Abnormal internal or external bleeding.
-rrhea flow or discharge Gonorhhea Urethral or vaginal discharge is a primary feature.
-rrhexis rupture Cardiorrhexis "Ruptured heart"
-spasm twitching, cramping Spasm Involuntary and sudden movement or convulsive muscular contraction. "Cramps"
-stasis stopping, controlling Stasis Slowing or stopping
-algia,-denia pain NeuralgiaOtodynia(otalgia) Pain along the course of a nerve.Pain in the ear.
-cele hernia (protrusion of all or part of an organ through wall of cavity that contains it) encephalocele Hernai of the brain through an opening in the skull
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