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Which vein drains blood from the foot, leg, and thigh, joining the femoral vein, making it the longest vein in the body? SAPHENOUS (GREAT)
A physician needs to know a patient's Na, K, Cl, and CO2. What test would the physician likely order? ELECTROLYTES
In the organizational structure of the laboratory who would act as the primary liaison between the medical staff and the laboratory staff? PATHOLOGIST
What is the myocardium? HEART MUSCLE
What are the two main types of lymphocytes found in the white blood cell population in human blood? T CELLS AND B CELLS
When a chemical spill occurs in the laboratory what should a phlebotomist consult prior to cleaning up the spill? PROCEDURES MANUAL MDSA
What initiates the normal contraction phase of the cardiac cycle? SA NODE
What are the two major areas of the clinical laboratory? ANOTOMICAL & CLINICAL
What is the main anticoagulant for coagulation studies performed in the hematology department of the laboratory? Na CITRATE
The combining form path/o refers to: DISEASE
A phlebotomist is assigned to the morning draw team. In completing this assignment, what is the area where the phlebotomist is likely to encounter the youngest patients? NEONATAL NURSERY
As a phlebotomist drawing in the dialysis unit you receive an accidental needle stick. What is the best course of action for you to follow immediately? INFORM SUPERVISOR
In one word, what is the difference between plasma and serum? FIBRINOGEN
The Emergency Room physician is examining a patient that is suspected of having a deep wound infection. What test would most likely be order by the physician to evaluate this condition? CBC
What is the largest artery in the body? AORTA
The celluar elements in blood are the erythrocytes, leukocytes, and the thrombocytes. What is the primary function of each of the leukocytes? PROVIDE IMMUNITY
The branch of medicine that deals with the study of nerves, the nervous system, and its diseases is: NEUROLOGY
What form of outpatient PO coagulation therapy would be monitored and followed by a Prothrombin [PT] test conducted in the laboratory? COMMUTIVE THERAPY
A phlebotomist taking an examination offered by a professional phlebotomy organization would be seeking: CERTIFICATION
What is the specimen collected by a phlebotomist? BLOOD
Which arteries supply blood directly to the heart muscle? CORONARY ARTERIES
In addition to changing gloves between every patient, what else should be done by the phlebotomist? HAND WASHING
What is the most common specimen analyzed in the hematology section of the laboratory? WHOLE BLOOD
What are the two main pathways of the coagulation cascade? INTRINSIC & EXTRINSIC
Word roots in medical terminology usually refer to: BODY PARTS (COMPONENTS)
Where are red blood cells produced in the adult human? BONE MARROW
What is the first thing to do in the event of a fire in the building where you are working? RESCUE (GET EVERYONE OUT)
Personal protective equipment is put on and removed in reverse order. In whar order are they put on? GOWN, MASK, GLOVES
What does the term "Universal Precautions" refer to? TREAT EVERYTHING AS INFECTUOUS
Which blood vessels carry deoxygenated blood to the heart? VEINS
What is the upper and lower figures on a blood pressure reading? SYSTOLIC (UPPER) AND DIASTOLIC (LOWER)
Which type of blood vessels has the thickest walls? ARTERY
What tpe of blood are most laboratory test performed on? VENUS BLOOD
The suffix -cyte means: CELL
What does the suffix -ostomy mean? SURGICAL OPENING
Which laboratory test monitors the antidepressant medication often used to treat bipolar disorder? LITHIUM
What is the primary role of the thrombocytes? BLOOD CLOTTING
What is the term used to describe a gross increase in the number of white blood cells in a patient? LEUKEMIA
What three things are required to complete the chain of infection? SOURCE, MODE OF TRANSMISSION, AND HOST
The term dermatitis means: INFLAMMATION OF THE SKIN
What does a class ABC fire extinguisher contain? DRY CHEMICALS
The combining form for lung is: PULMON/O
What is measured with a sphygmomanometer? BLOOD PRESSURE
Which languages are the prmiary sources found in medical terminology? GREEK AND LATIN
Which antibodies would be found in the plasma of a person who is blood type A? ANTI B ANTIBODIES
What is the recommended disinfectant for blood and body fluid contamination? BLEACH
What type of patient is protected from infection by reverse or protective isolation? COMPROMISED
The prefix hypo- means: DECREASED
What should a phlebotomist in the laboratory do if a patient calls to schedule a chest X-ray? GIVE NUMBER AND TRANSFER
What does the term visceral refer to? INTERNAL ORGAN
The artery of choice for measuring the pulse rate in an adult is the: RADIAL
What is the large vein that returns blood from the head, neck, thorax, and upper limbs, to the right atrium of the heart? SUPERIOR VENA CAVA
What form of biologic hazard might be produced by centrifuging an uncapped blood specimen? AEROSOL
What is first defined when defining a word in medical terminology? SUFFIX
Who is the person above the supervisor in a typical laboratory organizational chart diagram? LABORATORY MANAGER
Which laboratory section performs ABO and Rh typing? BLOOD BANK
What type of laboratory peforms highly specialized testing? REFERENCE LABORATORY
Which laboratory department or section would perform a cardiac risk profile? CHEMISTRY LABORATORY
What is the only artery in the body that carries deoxygenated blood? PLUMONANARY ARTERY
The most important personal characteristic to ensure job security and advancement in phlebotomy is: FLEXIBILITY
What should a phlebotomist do before placing a phone call on hold? MAKE SURE ITS NOT AN EMERGENCY
Inflammation of the lining of the heart is called: BACTERIAL ENDOCARDITIS
What type of isolation category always requires a gown to be worn? CONTACT
What is another name for a heart attack? MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION
To which body system does the combining form osteo/o refer? SKELETAL
The combinig form nephro/o refers to which body system? RENAL
To which body system does the combining form aden/o refer? ENDOCRINE
A weakness in an arterial wall is calles: ANEURYSM
Which leukocyte has the highest concentration in normal blood? NEUTRO FILL
What determines a person's blood type? ANTIGENS
In the hospital setting, what service is the clinical laboratory a part of? PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
Hardening of the arteries is called: ARTHRIOSCLEROSIS
Which healthcare setting are most phlebotomists employeed? HOSPITALS
The abbreviation PRN stands for: AS NEEDED
A phlebotomist is pregnant. What patients should the phlebotomist not draw specimens from? RADIOLOGY PATIENTS
Collecting a large evacuated tube using a 23-guage needle or smaller may cause a sample to be: HEMOLYSIS
If a phlebotomist fails to check the requistion form prior to leaving the laboratory he/she may not have: IN ADIQUIT
What might develop from using a lancet that produces a puncture deeper than recommended? OSTEOMYELITIS
Before you draw a blood specimen you must always check the patient's id number and name on the: WRIST BAND
Collection of a sufficient amount of blood by dermal puncture is most diffcult from patients with poor peripheral circulation, of from patients who are: SEVERLY DEHYDRATED
In what type of Vacutainer tube is the presence of a clot is acceptable? RED
What is the primary antiseptic for routine Venipuncture? 70% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL
A tourniquet should be placed 3 to 4 inches above the Venipuncture site, and remain on the patient's arm no longer than: ONE MINUTE
What is the maximum temperature when warming a dermal puncture site? 42 DEGREES C
Before requesting assistance from another phlebotomist, to obtain an adequate amount of blood by dermal puncture how many attempts should a phlebotomist make? TWO
Indication that the tourniquet is ties too tightly is seen by the appearance on the patient's arm during site selection of: PETECHIQUE
What is not acceptable as a skin puncture device? SURGICAL BLADES
Forcing blood from a syringe into a evacuated tube may cause the specimen to be: HEMOLIYSIS
Manufactures of evacuated collection tubes guarantee the integrity of the anticoagulant and vacuum in the tube until expiration date. What is the term used to refer to groups of evacuated tubes that are manufactured at the same time? LOT
What should be done to prevent a vein from rolling, prior to needle insertion? ANCHERING
When a puncture is made through a previous site what is increased? INFECTION
A device normally used in venipuncture, and that is not used in microcollection techniques is the: TOURNIQUET
What is the most important procedure in phlebotomy? PATIENT ID
Blood collected by dermal puncture most closely resembles ARTERIAL BLOOD
The anticoagulant present in a light-blue stopper tube preserves the liable coagulation factors. What is this anticoagulant? Na CITRATE
The vacutainer tube that must always be completely filled is the: LIGHT BLUE
A large, rigid cord located during palpation indicates a: TENDON
Blood will run down the finger during a finger puncture of the phlebotomist fails to punture: ACROSS THE FINGER PRINT
Before beginning blood collection in dermal puncture, the first drop of blood should be: WIPED AWAY
What may be caused by prolonged application of a tourniquet? HEMOLYSIS
What is the maximum safe length of lancets used for heel puncture? 20 mm
The winged infusion set [butterfly] would be primarily used to collect blood from a patient's: HAND
What is the tube of choice for metal analysis? ROYAL BLUE
When collecting specimens in a patient's room, tubes are routinely labeled immediately: AFTER BLOOD HAS BEEN COLLECTED
During dermal puncture. Why is the first drop of blood wiped away? DILUTED WITH TISSUE FLIUD
A sharps container is not needed when performing dermal punctures using a: LASER LANCET
Identification of a patient is never made by the patient's: BED SIGN
In the evacuated tube system, what does blood flow into the tube depend on? VACUUM IN THE TUBE
The gray stopper tube contains sodium fluoride in addition to an anticoagulant. The purpose of this compound is to preserve glucose. What is it called? ANTICOAGULANT INHIBITOR
The major vascular area of the skin is the: DERMAL SUBCUTANEOUS JUNCTER
What part of the foot is not an acceptable dermal puncture site on an infant: ARCH
Infants should never be identified by the: BASINET LABEL
The meaning of platelet is to examine by: TOUCH
In order to prevent contact with bone, what must be controlled in a dermal puncture? DEPT
When collecting blood from a patient with small, fragile veins, what is the appropriate needle size? 23 GUAGE
What is an example of improper disposal of venipuncture supplies and equipment? RECAP NEEDLE
What bone is at the posterior of the heel? CALCANEOUS
Blood should bever be drawn from a patient who is: DEAD/STANDING
What is the most important purpose of a procedure requistion form? AUTHORIZATION
Collection of excess blood from a premature infant can cause: ANEMIA
Failing to adequately invert a lavender stopper tube after collection will produce a specimen that is: CLOTTED
When organizing equipment at the patient's bedside, it is important to have readily available extra: EVACUATED TUBES
The most acceptable puncture site for a 6-month infant is the: HEEL
All phlebotomy procedures beging with authorization to perform the procedure by the: TEST REQUISTION
The amount of anticoagulant is decreased when collecting coagulation tests from a patient with a hematocrit greater than 55%, or from a patient with: POLYCYTHEMIA
Warming the site if a dermal puncture will cause the flow of arterial blood at the site to: INCREASE
What is the vein of choice for routine venipuncture? MEDIAN CUBITAL
Serum or plasma appearing red after centrifugation suggests that falsely elevated values will result in: K (POTASSIUM)
Incorrect collection of blood from a patient who has had a mastectomy can result in the patient developing lymphedema, lymphostasis, or: INFECTION
What might an infant with a falsely negative PKU test most likely be affected with? MENTAL RETARDATION
When preparing a blood smear, what is the correct angle of the spreader slide? 30 TO 40 DEGREES
While performing a venipuncture, the phlebotomist notices bright red blood spurting ino the tube. What should the phlebotomist do after withdrawing the needle? APPLY PRESSURE FOR 10 MINUTES
What situations occurring during a phlebotomy visit to a patient room should be reported to the nursing station? IV PROBLEMS
The Duke bleeding time method has been replaced with the template bleeding time because the template method is more: STANDARDIZED
The high red blood cell counts normally seen in newborns may cause decreased levels of: GLUCOSE
What can be caused by using a small-guage needle with a large evacuated tube? HEMOLIZED
A patient who appears pale and has cold, damp skin may develop: SYNCOPE
Disturbing the platelet plug when performing a bleeding time test will result in a bleeding time results that is: PROLONGED
Most states require testing of newborns for: PKU (PHENYLKETONURIA)
Allowing blood to leak from a vein into the surrounding tissue during venipuncture, frquently caused by improper needle removal,may result in: HEMOTOMA
As a phlebotomist you encounter a comatose patient with no ID band. What should you do? ASK NURSING STATION TO BAND THE PATIENT
What is the pressure at which the blood pressure cuff should be maintained when performing a template bleeding time? 40 mm hg
What is the test method used by filter paper screening tests for PKU? BACTERIAL GROWTH
Collection of specimens from diabetic patients, cardiac patients, or patients with coagulation disorders is not recommended from: LEG VEINS
A patient taking aspirin can cause a bleeding time that is falsely: PROLONGED
Failure to completely fill the filter paper circle for a newborn screening test can cause results that are: FALSE NEGATIVE
What is the maximum number of attempts that a phlebotomist should make to collect a specimen? TWO
A phlebotomist can interrupt a physician-patient visit if the collection is a: STAT OR TIMED SPECIMEN
In what disease does multiplication of parasites with red blood cells occur? MALARIA
Which items will affect the quality of neonatal bilirubin test results? BILI LIGHT (COLLECTION AT WRONG TIME)
When collecting blood from a patient with an IV, the phlebotomist should not draw from: ABOVE THE IV
When performing a bleeding time on an adult, the incision is made horizontal or parallel to the: ANTICUBITAL CREAS
Specimens collected by venipuncture that require preparation of a blood smear are collected in tubes containing: EDTA (ETHEYLAMINE DIAMINE TETRA ACETIC ACID)
A phlebotomist is attempting to transfer blood from a syringe to an evacuated tube. While puncturing the rubber stopper the phlebotomist should not: HOLD TUBE IN THEIR HAND
A specimen collected from a patient who has recently eaten may appear: LIPEMIC OR TURPID
What is the acceptable amount of blood used to fill a filter paper circle for newborn screening tests? 1 DROP
Physician approval is required prior to collecting blood from: LEG VEINS
On what portion of a blood smear should microscopic examination be performed? FEATHERED EDGE
A suitable blood smear should have a smooth film of blood without ridges, holes, or streaks, and an edge that is lightly: FEATHERED
If a patient requests a drink of water, what should the phlebotomist do? REPORT ON REQUISTION FORM AND TURN IT IN TO NURSING STATION.
Specimens that must be collected at specific times are therapeutic drug levels and those that exhibit: DIURNAL VARIATION
When preparing a blood smear, where is the spreader placed? IN FRONT OF THE DROP OF BLOOD.
Amber-colored microtainer tubes are used to collect specimens for: BILIRUBIN
Collecting blood from an area containing a tatoo could results in: INFECTION
Blood is removed from the bleeding time incision with filter paper by: WICKING
In which type of vacutainer tube would Specimens not be rejected by the laboratory for clots? RED TOP
On patients taking diurectics a chemical level that is frequently monitored os the: K (POTASSIUM)
Preparation of the blood smear using a slide that is not clean will most likely result in a smear with: WHOLES
Newborns that appear jaundiced have increased levels of: BILIRUBIN
When collecting blood from a patient with a very edematous right arm and a large hematoma in the antecubital area of the left arm, where should the phlebotomist collect the specimen? BELOW THE HEMATOMA
The surgical fusion of a vein and artery frequently seen in dialysis patients is called a: FISTULA
Pushing instead of pulling the blood with the spreader slide produces a blood smear with a feathered edge containing: STREAKS
What term means an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissue? ADEMIA
When preparing a blood smear, lowering the angle of the spreader will result in a smear thickness that is: DECREASED
What is the time period patients are most likely to be in a basal state? MORNING
A bleeding time is performed to evaluate the function of the: PLATLETS
A specimen was collected in the newborn nursery under the bili light. A bilirubin collected from a jaundiced infant in this case may have results that are: LOW OR NORMAL
Using a 20-guage needle and a 10mL tube on a small vein may cause a: COLLASPED VEIN
Phlebotomists working in central processing and entering data for Madicare and other collections, may be required to classify tests using a: CPT
When a patient has a unit of blood drawn prior to surgery with the understanding that the unit may be given back during surgery, the collection is called: AUTOLOGOUS DONATION
A phlebotomist who cannot locate a patient on whom a cortisol level is scheduled for collection at 1000 should: RETURN REQUISTION TO NURSES STATION
What item of equipment is likely to be located within the central processing area? CENTRIFUGE
To obtain an accurate timed 24-hour urine specimen, the patient is instructed to begin and end the collection with: EMPTY BLADDER
What is one specimen that must be protected from light? BILIRUBIN (VITAMIN A & B)
One of the most difficult phlebotomy procedures is the collection of blood cultures. What is the purpose of this test procedure? CHECK FOR POSSIBLE SEPTICEMIA RO
A phlebotomist who is unsure of the instructions to give a patient regarding collection of a specimen should consult the: PROCEDURE MANUAL
Midstream clean-catch urine specimens for culturing are delivered to the: MICROBIOLOGY
When blood is inoculated into blood culture bottles using a butterfly apparatus, the bottle that is inoculated first is the: AIROBIC
Which test order type is classified as the highest priority? STAT
What is the fluid collected from the abdominal cavity? PERITONEAL
Three blood cultures from a patient requiring ASAP administration of antibiotics are collected: SAME TIME DIFFERENT SITES
A laboratory uses Quest Diagnostics as a refernce laboratory. What should be checked for the correct procedure to follow for processing specimens to be sent to a refernce laboratory? REFERNCE LABORATORY MANUAL
Urine specimens that cannot be tested with 2 hours should be: REFRIGERATOR
What is a test the must be placed in ice and water immediately after collection? LACTIC ACID
To monitor changes in a patient's hemoglobin level, a phlebotomist may be requested to collect specimens: SPECIFIC TIMES
When a semen is delivered to the laboratory, the phlebotomist should record the: TIME OF COLLECTION
In a patient with Polycythemia, the amount of serum obtained after centrifuging a tube of blood will be: DECREASED
What type of container should not be given to hospital outpatients for the collection of 24-hour fecal specimens, although this type of container may be used by reference laboratories? PAINT CAN STYLE CONTAINERS
Specimens drawn from a patient to analyze cold agglutinins must be kept: WARM
Peak and trough levels are collected to monitor levels of: THERAPEUTIC DRUG
A smsll ampule of transport media is present in throat swab collection kits. What is the purpose of this media? KEEP BACTERIA ALIVE
A fasting [baseline] specimen for a GTT is drawn at 0600, and the patients finishes drinking the gluocse at 0645. What is the correct time to draw the 1-hour specimen? 0745
Many non-blood specimens such as CSF and other body fluids must be analyzed immediately. This is to prevent loss of: CELLULAR ELEMENTS/GLUCOSE
A pH of 9.5, a specific gravity of 1.002, or a blue-green urine color with a urine drug collection specimen might suggest: ADULTERATION
When blood is inoculated into blood culture bottles using syringe, which bottle is inoculated first? ANAROBIC
Why are major phlebotomy rounds are scheduled early in the morning? PATIENTS ARE IN A BASAL STATE
When collecting sweat electrolytes, the collection site is cleansed before and after stimulation with: DEINIZED WATER
When is a therapeutic drug trough level drawn? BEFORE DRUG ADMINISTRATION
What is the distribution of a CSF specimen in tubes labeled #1, #2, and #3? CHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY, AND HEMATOLOGY
Chain of custody refers to the documentation of specimen handling for specimens that are: LEGAL FORENSIC
What is the classification for a patient who is not allowed to have food or water for a specified time? NPO
Failure to tightly seal specimens for sweat electrlytes during collection and transport will allow evaporation to cause: INCREASED VALUES (ELEVATED)
How many specimens are collected from a patient receiving a 2-hour postprandial glucose test? TWO
To prevent contamination by cellular constituents, serum or plasma should be separated from cells by centrifugation within: 120 MINUTES (2 HOURS)
A blood specimen for DNA analysis to determine paternity is considered to be: LEGAL (FORENSIC)
Plasma cortisol levels are schedules to be drawn between 0800 and 1000 because cortisol is a metabolic that exhibits: DIURNAL VARIATON
What is the process of assigning of specimen identification numbers and distribution of specimens in the laboratory? ASSETIONING
How are specimens that require chilling immediately after collection handled? ICE & WATER
How much blood is collected from a person donating a unit of blood? 405-495 mL
What is the most important consideration when collecting a blood culture? ASEPTIC TECHNIQUE
A phlebotomist in central processing receives an SST tube with a requistion for tests performed in chemisrty and at a refernce laboratory. What should the phlebotomist do? ALIQUOTTING
What is the order in which cleasning solutions are applied to a patient's arm before and after the collection of a blood culture? ALCOHOL IODINE ALCOHOL
What is a donoe physical measurement that would most likely disqualify them from donating blood? BBP TO HIGH, TEMP TO HIGH, WEIGHT TO LOW AND HEMOGLOBIN TO LOW
Some blood culture collection systems contain a resin. What is the purpose of this resin? INACTIVE ANTIBOTICS
The process in which a person donates a specific blood component and the remainder of the blood is returned to the donor is called? APHERESIS
What is the department within the laboratory to which blood cultures are delivered after collection? MICROBIOLOGY
What process might be used in the treatment of Polycythemia or Hemochromatosis? THERAPEUTIC PHLEBOTOMY
The specimens collected during the GTT after the patient drinks the glucose will be analyzed at the end of the test. What type of vacutainer tube should the baseline glucose and all of the specimens of the test be collected in? GRAY
Glucose and sodium values on a previously normal patient became markedly elevated when collected at 1500. An investigation of the delta check resulting from this situation would most likely discover that the specimen was collected: ABOVE THE IV
Monitoring the quality care is a function of: QUALITY CONTROL
What is a test that cannot be performed by POCT instruments? PLATELET COUNTS
What part of a routine urinalysis is would a phlebotomist not be authorized to perform under CLIA? MICROSCOPE
A phlebotomist who forcibly tries to obtain blood from a patient who refuses can be charged with: BATTERY
What is failure to give reasonable care to a patient by a healthcare provider? NEGLIGENCE
Very serious errors in test results will occur if plasma from a lavender top tube and a light-blue top tube is combined in a test for: PT OR PTT
What should a phlebotomist provide when instructing a patient prior to the collection of a specimen for occult blood testing? FOODS & MEDICINE TO AVOID
What is the standardization of an instrument used for POCT? CALIBRATION
How would a phlebotomist error resulting in a hemolytic transfusion reaction be classed? ROOT CAUSE
Collection of specimens, transporting specimens, and processing specimens, are all variables associated with phlebotomy and would be classed as: PREANALYTICAL
The HemoCue can accurately measure hemoglobin concentration in patients with high white blood cell counts beacuse the reaction: READ AT 2 DIFFERENT WAVE LENGTHS
How does a laboratory procedures manual differ from a test kit package insert? RECORDING TEST RESULTS
A phlebotomist obtained blood from a confused patient. After collecting the blood, the phlebotomist leaves the bed rail down and leaves the room. In what way might the phlebotomist be held accountable? NEGLIGENCE
The medical code of ethics for phlebotomists dictates that they will perform skills within their: JOB DUTIES/DISCRIPTION
Documentation of daily refrigerator and freezer temperatures records, as well as centrifuge calibration and maintenance are required by: ACCREDITATION REVIEWS
The purpose of enzyme immunoassay tests for pregnancy is the detection of: HCG (HUMAN CHORIONIC GONADOTROPHIN)
What should the phlebotomist consult to determine the proper maintenance of a Glucomete? CORRECT PERFORMANCE
How would collection of a blood specimen from a site above IV be detected? DELTA CHECKS
Why are two swabs usually collected for rapid streptococcus testing? RAPID TEST FOR TESTING & CULTURE
Proficiency testing is required for all levels lf CLIA complexity except: WAIVED
What are patient's who extend their arms after a phlebotomist has explained a venipuncture procedure doing? IMPLIED CONSENT
The accuracy of laboratory test procedures, test results, and phlebotomy techniques is monitored by: QUALITY CONTROL
To avoid a false positive result in an accult blood sample, what should the patient avoid for one week prior to collection? ASPIRIN
What is the advantage of a rapid group A streptococcus kit as far as results are concerned? AVAILABLE SOONER
What is the term used to refer to an unexpected patient death that is not related to the patient's illness? SENTIAL EVENT
The most serious error that a phlebotomist can make is: FAILURE TO ID PATIENT
Failure to obtain quality control results that are within acceptable limits when performing a blood glucose may be caused by the control covering only half of the testing area; by prolonged exposure of reagent strips to room; or: REFRIGERATOR
What is a phlebotomist performing when running a test on a standardized sample received from a monitoring agency? PROFICIENCY TESTING
What is the failure to provide a standard of care that is due to a patient by a healthcare provider? MALPRACTICE
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA] primarily by a healthcare provider? REPORTING TEST RESULTS
Rapid tests for group A streptococcus detect Group A streptococcus: ANTIGENS
If a phlebotomist is not performing a test correctly, this will be detected through: QUALITY CONTROL
How are lsboratory centrifuges calibrated? TACHOMETER
The program established by a healthcare organization to guarantee appropriate patient care is: QUALITY ASSURANCE
The Clinical Laboratories Improvement Amendment [CLIA '88] regulations are administered by: CMS (CENTERS FOR MEDICINE/MEDICAID SERVICES)
A wrongful act committed against another person is: TORT
Written policies, evidence of monitoring, and actions taken to resolve problems are referred to as: DOCUMENTATION
What would a patient woth a cholesterol result of 300 mg/dL be in danger of developing? CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE
What is the recommended specimen for urine pregnancy testing? 1ST MORNING URINE
Cleansing the venipuncture site with 70% isopropyl alcohol and blowing on the alcohol to dry it is an exemple of doing: WRIGHT THING WRONG
How would the behavior of a phlebotomist who treats a patient diagnosed with AIDS very rudely and abruotly be described? UNETHICAL
Documentation of poor technique affecting patients or specimen quality is frequently generated by a nursing or laboratory supervisor in the form of an: INCIDENT REPORT
Documentation of instrument calibration verifies control of: ANALYTICAL VARIABLES
What is the anticoagulant that is given to patients to prevent the releases of clots into the circulatory system during surgical procedures? HEPARIN
The physical examination of urine includes reports on: COLOR & APPEARANCE
A clotted specimen, a contaminated specimen, or a short sample draw, could all result from using: AFTER EXPIRATION DATE
The presence of hemoglobin in a Hemoccult test is indicated by the appearance of: A BLUE COLR



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