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LM/RC Med Term

Medical Terminology

a- no, not, w/o, lack of
ab- away from
-ablation removal
-abrasion scraping of
-ac pertaining to
acro- heights, extreme, extremeties
acu- sharp
-acusis hearing
ad- toward
af- toward
agora- marketplace
-al pertaining to
-algia pain
allo- other, different
-amnios amnion, inner fetal sac
amphi- both
-an pertaining to
an- no, not, w/o
ana- up, apart, away
ante- forward, in front of
anti- against
-aphresis removal
apo- separate, away from
-ar pertaining to
-arche beginning
-ary pertaining to
-ase enzyme
-atic pertaining to
-ation process of
auto- self
bi- two
bin- two
-blast embryonic, immature
brachy- short
brady- slow
-calculia ability to do math, calculate
-carcinoma cancer of epithelial origin
-cardia condition of heart
cata- down
-cele herniation, protrusion
-centesis surgical puncture
-chalasia condition of relaxing, slackening
-chalasis relaxation, slackening
-chezia condition of stools
circum- around
-cision process of cutting
-clasis intentional breaking
-clast breaking down
-coagulation process of clotting
con- together
contra- opposite, against
-crine to secrete, secreting
-crit to separate, separating
crypt- hidden
-cusis hearing
-cyesis pregnancy, gestation
-cyte cell
-cytosis abnormal increase in cells
de- down, lack of
-desis binding
di- two, both
dia- through, complete
-dipsia condition of thirst
dis- bad, abnormal, apart
-drome to run, running
-dynia pain
dys- bad, difficult, painful
-e noun ending
e- outward, out
-eal pertaining to
ec- out, outward
echo- sound, reverberation
-ectasia condition of expansion, dilation
-ectasis expansion, dilation
ecto- outward, outer
-ectomy removal, excision
-edema swelling
ef- away from
-emesis vomiting, vomit
-emia blood condition
-emic pertaining to blood condition
en- in
end- within
endo- within
epi- above, upon
-esis state of
eso- inward
-esthesia condition of feeling, sensation
eu- healthy, normal
ex- out
-exia condition
exo- outside
extra- outside
-ferous pertaining to, carrying
-fida to split, splitting
-flux to flow, flowing
-fusion process of pouring
-gen producing
-genesis production, origin
-genic pertaining to, produced by
-genous pertaining to, originating from
-geusia condition of sense of taste
-glia glia cell, glue
-globin protein substance
-globulin protein substance
-gnosia condition of knowing
-gram record, recording
-graph instrument to record
-graphia condition of writing
-graphy process of recording
-gravida pregnancy, gestation
-hedonia condition of pleasure
hemi- half
homo- same
hyper- excessive, above
hypo- deficient, below, under
-ia condition, state of
-iac pertaining to
-iasis condition, presence of
-iatric pertaining to treatment
-iatrician one who specializes in treatment
-iatrist one who specializes in treatment
-ic pertaining to
-ician one who studies
-icle small, tiny
-id pertaining to
-ile pertaining to
-in substance
in- in, not
-ine pertaining to
infra- down
inter- between
intra- within
-ion process of
-ior pertaining to
ipsi- same
-is structure, thing, noun ending
-ism condition, state of
-ist one who specializes
-itis inflammation
-itic pertaining to
-ium structure, membrane
-ive pertaining to
-ization process of
-kathisia condition of sitting
-kine movement
-kinin movement, substance
-lalia condition of babbling
-lapse fall
-lepsy seizure
levo- left
-lexia condition of reading
-listhesis slipping
-lithotomy removal of a stone
-logist specialize in the study of
-logy study of
-lysis breaking down, dissolving, loosening
-lytic pertaining to breaking down
macro- large
mal- bad, poor
-malacia softening
-mania condition of madness
-megaly enlargement
meso- middle
meta- beyond, change
-meter instrument to measure
-metry process of measurement
micro- small
mid- middle
-mission to send, sending
mono- one
multi- many
neo- new
-noia condition of mind
non- not
nulli- none
-occlusion condition of closure
-occult secret, hidden
-oid resembling, like
-oma tumor, mass
-on structure
-one hormone, substance that forms
-opia vision condition
-opsia vision condition
-opsy process of viewing
-orexia appetite condition
-ose pertaining to, full of
-osis abnormal condition
-osmia condition of sense of smell
-ous pertaining to
oxy- rapid
pan- all
par- beside, near
-para delivery, parturition
para- near, beside, abnormal
-paresis slight paralysis
-partum parturition (delivery)
-pathy disease process
-pause stop, cease
-penia deficiency
-pepsia digestion
per- through
peri- surrounding, around
-pexy fixation, suspension
-phagia condition of eating, swallowing
-phasia condition of speaking
-pheresis removal
-phil attraction
-philia condition of attraction, sensitivity
-phobia condition of fear, extreme
-phylaxis protection
-physis growth
-plakia condition of patches
-plasia condition of formation, development
-plasm condition of formation
-plastin forming substance
-plasty surgical repair
-plegia paralysis
-pnea breathing
-poiesis formation, production
-poietin forming substance
poly- many, much, frequent
post- behind, after
-praxia condition of purposeful movement
pre- before, in front of
presby- old age
primi- first
pro- forward, in front of
-ptosis drooping, prolapse, falling
-ptysis spitting
quadri- four
re- back, backward, again
retro- backward
-rrhagia, -rrhage bursting forth
-rrhaphy suture, repair
-rrhea discharge, flow
-rrheic pertaining to discharge
-rrhexis rupture
-salpinx tube, fallopian or eustachian
-sarcoma connective tissue tumor
-sclerosis abnormal condition of hardening
-scope instrument to view
-scopic pertaining to viewing
-scopy process of viewing
-sepsis infection
-siderin iron substance
-sis state of, condition
-spadias a rent or tear
-spasm spasm, sudden, involuntary
-stalsis contraction
-stasis controlling, stopping
-stenosis abnormal condition of narrowing
-sthenia condition of strength
-stomy new opening
sub- under, below
supra- upward, above
syn- together, joined
tachy- fast, rapid
-tension process of stretching, pressure
tetra- four
-therapy treatment
-thorax chest
-thrombin clotting substance
-thymia condition, state of mind
-tic pertaining to
-tion process of
-tocia condition of labor, delivery
-tome instrument to cut
-tomy incision, cutting
trans- through, across
-tresia condition of an opening
tri- three
-tripsy process of crushing
-tripter machine to crush
-trite instrument to crush
-trophy process of nourishment
-ule small
ultra- beyond
-um structure, thing, membrane
uni- one
-uria urinary condition
-us structure, thing
-version process of turning
-y process of
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