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ACHN 2010 JC Survey

Questions that related to ACCESS' 2010 Joint Commission Survey and PPR

Refrigerator temperatures must also be checked and recorded over the...... weekend
Banyan kits must be monitored___________ daily
This kind of hand sanitizer may be used in lieu of hand washing if soap and water are not readily available. alcohol based
The Banyan kit should NOT include anything that is not on the ACCESS _______________ banyan kit checklist
For invasive tests or for tests or treatments with significant risks or alternatives, patients will be asked to give (written)________________________ informed consent
Medications can only be ordered by sites if they are part of ACCESS'..... formulary
We separate these kinds of medications because they could be easily confused for a similar medication. look alike sound alike
All medical equipment should be__________to ensure it is serviced and part of our inventory. tagged
When confirming the right dosage we follow this rule and check _______times. three
This law ensures that personal health information (PHI) that is shared with providers, clinics and others who provide care is protected and not shared without permission from the patient. hipaa
This applies to all surgical and nonsurgical invasive procedures. It is part of the National Patient Safety Goals. It enhances safety by correctly identifying the patient, the appropriate procedure, and the correct site of the procedure. Universal Protocol
All specimens are shown to the patient to verify that the name and DOB is correct on the specimen after they are ___________. labeled
This is the final assessment that is conducted that confirms the correct patient, site and procedure are identified before any surgical or nonsurgical invasive procedure is performed. time out