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Set 4

Medical Terminology

abdomin/o abdomen
acu/o sudden, sharp
adip/o fat tissues
angi/o vessel containing fluid
axill/o armpit
carcin/o cancer of gland tissue
cerebr/o brain
chem/o chemical, drug
cis/o cut
cost/o rib
electr/o electrical activity
gynec/o female
iatr/o treatment
klept/o steal
laryng/o voicebox, larynx
mandibul/o lower jaw
maxill/o upper jaw
nat/o birth, born
nect/o bind
ox/o oxygen
sarc/o nongland tissue, flesh
son/o sound, ultrasound
vit/o living, alive
auto/ self
bi/ two
con/ with
contra/ opposite, against
meta/ change, beyond
poly/ many
syn/ together with
sym/ together with
trans/ across
ultra/ beyond, higher than
/blast undifferentiated, original
/drome run
/fusion pour, bond
/genesis creating
/malacia softening
/mania excessive preoccupation or obsession
/manic excessive preoccupation or obsession
/oma tumor, mass
/partum labor, delivery
/penia lack of, decrease, poor
/plasty restore by surgery
/stoma body opening (to the outside)
/stomy surgically created body opening
/therapy treatment
/tome cutting instrument
/tomy cut into or slice
/trophy growth, development by size or nourishment
/trophic relating to growth, development
Created by: wilmabrigance