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Phlebo Procedures-12

Hwk Packet #10

Laboratory procedures and policies are developed by considering ________________ variables, ________________ variables, and _______________ variables. Pre-analytical/Analytical/Post-Analytical
Collection of a blood specimen from a site above an IV could be detected by a _______________. Delta
_______________ is the program established by a healthcare organization to gauruntee appropriate patient care. Quality Assurance
Monitoring the quality of patient care is a function of ________________. Quality Control (QC)
A phlebotomist with a question concerning the specimen type or method of collection _______________. Procedures Manual
____________________ is the most serious error that a phlebotomist can make. Failure to correctly identify a patient
A comparison of a patient's previous and current test results is called a _______________ check. Delta
The procedure manual provides the information to follow for ________________ and _______________. Specimen collection and testing
Preanalytical variables associated with phlebotomy include _______________ specimens, transporting specimens, and proccessing specimens. Collecting
Information present in a floor book should include normal laboratory test values, laboratory test scheduling policies, and time of scheduled ________________. Phlebotomy sweeps
Evaluation of records shows an increase in complaints concerning delays in collection of timed specimens and turnaround times. A possible corrective action would be to schedule _______________ at peak collection times. Additional phlebotomists
Very serious errors in test results will occur is plasma from a ________________top tube and a light-blue top tube is combined for a PTT. Lavender
Failure to properly _______________ is an error in phlebotomy technique that coule be detected by a delta check. Identify a patient
To evaluate the performance of a pneumatic tube system, records should be kept of the number of __________________. Unacceptable specimens
Accreditation reviews require documentation of daily refrigerator and freezer temperature records, as well as centrifuge _______________ and _______________. Calibration and Maintenance
To avoid nontechnical errors in specimen processing, phlebotomists should be able to locate a _______________. Supervisor
When reporting results by telephone, the phlebotomist should ask the call recipient to repeat the results, and document both the _______________ of the call recipient and the _______________ of the call. Name/Time
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) primarily would affect phlebotomists when they are _______________ to healthcare providers. Reporting test results
Written policies, evidence of monitoring, and actions taken to resolve problems are referred to as _______________.. Documentation
Documentation of instrument calibration verifies control of ________________ variables. Analytical
_______________ monitors the accuracy of laboratory test results and phlebotomy techniques. Quality Control (QC)
The expiration date on a box of evacuated tubes represents the last day that _______________ is guaranteed. Correct Performance/Vaccum
A puncture device with a broken seal should not be used because it is no longer _______________. Sterile
Centrifuges are calibrated using a _______________. Tachometer
Documentation of poor technique affecting patients or specimen quality is frequently made in the form of an ________________ generated by a nursing or laboratory supervisor. Incident report
Using an evacuated tube after its experation date can result in a clotted specimen, a contaminated specimen, or a _______________. Short draw (sample draw)
Glucose and sodium are values on a previously normal patient become markedly elevated when collected at 1500. An investigation of this situation would most likely discover that the specimen was collected _______________. Above an IV
The primary goal of total quality management is to increase _______________. Customer (patient) satisfaction
Phlebotomists are involved in the areas of total quality management which include infrastructure, support services, and _______________. Direct patient care
The primary focus of continuous quality improvement is to improve _______________. Patient outcomes
Performance improvement plans accepted by JCAHO include PDCA, PDMAI, and the _______________. 10-Step Process
Cleansing the venipuncture site with 70% isopropyl alcohol and blowing on the alcohol to dry it is an example of doing _______________. The right thing wrong
A phlebotomist who makes a suggestion that shortens the turnaround time for tests ordered by the emergency room is contributing to ____________________. Continuing quality improvement
A _______________ is a term used to refer to an unexpected patient death that is not related to the patient's illness. Sentinel event
Phlebotomist error could be a root cause of a _________________ reaction. Hemolytic transfusion
_______________ is the failure to give reasonable care to a patient by a healthcare provider. Negligence
When placing information in a patient's medical record, healthcare workers should write with _______________, completely document their ________________, and correct computer entries without deleting the _______________.. Pen/Actions/Original error
Risk management department develop policies to protect employers from _______________ loss, identify potential risks to _________________ and _______________, and evaluate changes to improve _______________. Financial/Healthcare Professionals and Patients/Safety or Risk
T or F The patient's Bill of Rights guarantees the patient the right to a private room. False
Ethics are ______________________________. Principles of right and wrong
The medical code of ethics for phlebotomists dictates that they will performs ________________ within their _________________. Skills (duties)/Job description
__________________ is the failure to provide a standard of care that is due to a patient. Malpractice
A wrongful act commited against another person is a __________________. Tort
The phlebotomist treats a patient diagnosed with AIDS very rudely and abruptly. This behavior is described as _______________. Unethical
The _______________ is the document written by the American Hospital Association that describes what a patient has a right to expect during medical treatment. Patient's Bill of Rights
Patient's who extend their arms after a phlebotomist has explained a venipuncture procedure are giving ________________. Implied consent
Integrity, honesty, and morality are behavioral characteristics that describe ________________. Ethical conduct
T or F A phlebotomist could be held legally responsible for misidentification of patient specimens. True
T or F A phlebotomist could be held legally responsible for releasing patient results to a patient who is a friend. True
T or F A phlebotomist could be held legally responsible for releasing identification of a patient to the press. True
A phlebotomist who forcibly tries to obtain blood from a patient who refuses can be chaged with _________________. Battery
Potential malpractice for a phlebotomist is present when improperly performing a __________________. Venipuncture
A phlebotomist obtained blood from a confused patient. After collecting the blood, the phlebotomist leaves the bed rail down and leaves the room. The phlebotomist may be charged with _______________. Negligence
Under HIPPA, written consent by the patient is required to _______________ to healthcare providers. Report results
Medical care that does not meet a reasonable standard and results in harm. MALPRACTICE
Variable or processes that occur during the testing of a sample. ANALYTICAL
Detailed documentation of procedures and methods used in performing tests. PROCEDURE MANUAL
Principles of personal and professional conduct; also principles of right and wrong. ETHICS
An unanticipated death or permanent loss of function not related to a patient's illness or underlying condition. SENTINEL EVENT
Variables or precesses that occur before the collection of a sample. PRE-ANALYTICAL
Failure to perform duties according to acceptable standards. NEGLIGENCE
Patient's rights to know the method and risks before agreeing to treatment. INFORMED CONSENT
Recording of pertinent information such as test results, quality control, and observations. DOCUMENTATION
Detailed report of a condition that affected patient care or worker safety, documenting the incident and actions taken. INCIDENT REPORT
Variable and processes that affect the reporting and interpretation of test results. POST-ANALYTICAL
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