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Nutrition3 Hondros2

Hondros College Dayton Campus first nutrition test after midterms

Dietary laws are called Rules of Kashruth
foods prepared according to these laws are kosher
Meat should come only from animals that chew their cud and have cloven hooves, no pork or birds of prey
Meat and milk products are not mixed
Shellfish and crustaceans are avoided
No eggs with blood spots are eaten,
Symbols at the store letting you know the food is Kosher UK
Parv neutral food that can be eaten with meat or milk
Remember Jews can’t eat cheese burgers
Examples of Jewish food Bagels, blintzes, borscht, challah, gefilte, kasha, knishes, lox, matzo, strudel
In Jewish food Eggs are considered neutral
With both Jewish and Muslim all the blood must be drained from the animal
Ramadan 30-day period of daylight fasting
In Muslim Diet, Milk products are permitted at all times
In Muslim Diet,Fruits and vegetables are permitted unless fermented
In Muslim Diet,Breads and cereals are permitted unless contaminated
In Muslim diet Seafood and land animals are permitted
In Muslim Diet,Pork and alcohol are prohibited
In Muslim Diet,Representative foods Bulgur*Falafel*Fatayeh *Kibbeh *Pilaf*Pita*Tabouli
Mexican most vegy, using a lot of fats and corn
Basic foods are dried beans, chili peppers, corn,Small amounts of meat and eggs are used.
Native americans lack a hormones that has negative feedback, to tell them they are full Leptin
Leptin tells you your full--- (negative feedback lacking in obese people)
Ghrelin appetite stimulant secreted by stomach (research into antagonist effect)
Low thyroxin levels will decrease metabolism
high thyroxin levels will increase your metabolism
Atkins causes high cholesterol
Hormonal imbalance hyperthyroidism
Dietary Treatment of Underweight High-calorie diet,High protein,High carbohydrate, Moderate fat, Adequate sources of vitamins and minerals
Chronic Disease Control 30 min
Maintain Weight 60 minutes
Lose Weight 90 min
Maxium HR 222 subtract your age times 70% = target range for aerobic exercise
In Order to lose weight 222-age times 60% instead
Fuel sources for muscle carbs, glycogen, fatty acids
Oxygen- V02 is the measure of oxygen consumed per kilogram of body weight per minute, capacity depends on our body fitness.
Body fitness-lean muscle mass uses more oxygen than fatty tissue does, higher the lean body mass the higher the aerobic capacity
water and fluids needs to consumed 20 oz every 15-20 minutes
Increase omega3 and due to its anti-inflammatory properties, increase calories, Vit B, Riboflavin
Hemoglobin Protein containing iron needed for oxygen transport
Hematocrit Proportion of red blood cells to total blood volume
Ferritin Protein storing iron for later use
Avoid taking iron supplements with milk or any other calcium-containing products.
Iron also competes with other metals for absorption, such as zinc and copper.
Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, aids in iron absorption.
May have low hemoglobin for a time because of the rapid expansion of blood volume
Breakdown of RBC from heal strike hemolysis-(high endurance races)
Performance and Social pressure can lead to Low bone mass
Less than 12% body fat for women lose periods, estrogen levels go low, and the risks for fractures and osteoporosis goes higher.
Amenorrhea lack of periods or less than 3 a year.
General training diet- eating well Prevents malnutrition and risk of injury and infection
Pregame meal high carbs, low fiber, protein, and fat
For events lasting more than 1 hour, consume beverages containing 4% to 8% glucose concentrations and 0.5 to 0.7 g/L sodium
Protein metabolism 24 hr. urine for breakdown of protein
Immune system integrity WBC (lymphocyte to total WBC)
Analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause liver and stomach bleeds
Anti-ulcer agents (histamine blockers) reduced caffeine clearance..builds up
Antibiotics can destroy good bacteria- watch vitamin k- would need more
Anti-neoplastic drugs avoid alcohol
Antiemetics causes drowsiness, Anticonvulsants- alcohol increases the effect
Antihistamines decrease appetite, w/ alcochol make you sleepy
(ntihyperlipemics (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors) or statins grape fruit, builds up meds, not served in hospitals
Antiparkinson drugs low protein diet
Antituberculosis drugs take on an empty stomache
Bronchodilators limit caffeine use
Corticosteroids with food
Hypoglycemic agents avoid alcohol
Corticosteroids deplete viatmin C stores
Hiatal hernias is an out pouching of the stomach through the diaphragm
What causes Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD)? mbalance of gastric acid, and pepsin , linked to tobacco smoking, long term use of nsaids, stress can contribute, most common cause H pyloric bacteria, s
Celiac disease wheat, barley and rye
Inflammatory bowel disease can be d/t cancer
Maldaptive disorders PKU, galactacemia
Cystic fibrosis(genetic)secretes to much mucus, so the pancrease cannot secrete the enzymes needed for the digestion of macronutrients, proteins
Nutrition Management of maldaptive disorder sprinkle enzyme replacements, pancrelipase
Crohn’s disease diet High Protein (100g/day), High-Energy (2500 to 3000 kca/day)
Increase vitamins and minerals (supplement)
Ulcerative colitis( s/s abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea) it does not skip sections in the intestines, progressive beginning from the anus
Crohns (not sure what cause’s it) may skip section and have more than one area, slightly more common in women and Caucasians.
crohn's need to avoid spicy foods, milk sugar lactose,
W/ Ulcerative colitis and Crohns when inflamed used enteral or parental feedings if necessary progress to high protein, high calorie, low-residue foods in small, frequent meals, increase Vitamins and minerals, usually with supplements
Created by: ChristinaDale