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Phlebo Procedures-11

Hwk Packet #9

A central laboratory is not necessary to perform _______________ testing. POCT - Point of Care Testing
POCT is routinely performed in all areas except _______________. Such areas include physician's offices, ICU's, and operating rooms. Clinical Laboratory
Proficiency testing is required for all levels of CLIA complexity except _______________ tests. Waived
Advantages of POCT include faster turnaround time of test results, providing faster patient treatment, limiting the amount of blood needed for testing, and _______________. Providing a wider variety of lab tests
_______________ adminsters the CLIA '88 regulations. CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
A test that can be purchased over the counter for home use is called _______________ according to the CLIA. Waived
Under CLIA a phlebotomist is not authorized to perform the _______________ examination on urine. Microscopic
A phlebotomist running a test on a standardized sample received from a monitoring agency is performing _______________ testing. Profficency
Quality control of POCT should be performed by: The person performing....???
A procedure manual differs from a package insert by containing instructions for _______________. Recording test results
_______________ is the standardization of an instrument used for POCT. Calibration
To determine the proper maintenance of a Glucometer, the phlebotomist should read the ____________________. Package insert
A _______________ in QC results on a Levy-Jennings chart indicates the possibility of instrument malfunction. Shift
A _______________ in QC results on a Levy-Jennings chart indicates the possibility of gradual deterioration of reagents. Trend
If a phlebotomist is not performing a test correctly, this will be detected through _______________. QC - Quality Control
A HemoCue instrument can be used to measure hemoglobin and _______________. Glucose
A _______________ urine specimen is the recommended specimen for uring pregnancy testing. First morning
Immunoassay kits must contain reaction cards, positive and negative controls, and a _______________. Color developer
Which of the following patients may have anemia? Male w/ Hgb of 15g/dL, Female w/ Hgb of 12 g/dL, Female w/ Hgb of 17 g/dL or Male w/ Hgb of 12 g/dL? D. Male patient with a hemoglobin of 12 g/dL
The physical examination of uring includes reports on __________ and ___________. Color and Apperance (Clarity/Turbidity)
The chemical results of a urinalysis strip are read by comparing with a _______________. Specified color chart
The presence of ______________ in a Hemoccult test is indicated by the appearance of a blue color. Blood (Hgb - Hemoglobin)
When instructing a patient prior to collection of a specimen for occult blood testing, the phlebotomist should provide a list of ____________________. Foods and Meds not to be eaten or taken
The advatage of a rapid group A streptococcus kit is that the results are _______________. Availabe sooner
Two swabs are collected for rapid streptococcus testing so that a _______________ can be performed, if necessary. Culture
POCT cholesterol testing is performed primarily as a _______________. Health screening test
If the Cholesterol LDX goes into "locking" mode, the phlebotomist must _______________. Contact the tech. service representative
Specimens for activated clotting times performed on the HEMOCHRON Jr. are obtained by _______________. Dermal puncture
Transcutaneous bilirubin testing cannot be used to monitor the need for _______________. Exchange transfusion
Errors in the performance of a chemical examination of uring include incompletely dipping the strip in the uring, leaving the reagent strip in the urine __________, and comparing the color reactions to a chart after __________ minutes. Too long/ 10 min.
Which of the following tests cannont be performed by POCT instruments? A. Electrolytes B. Platelet counts C. Hematocrits D. Arterial blood gases B. Platelet counts
A patient's glucose reslut of 350 mg/dL is considered a _______________. Critical value
Failure 2obtain QC results that are within acceptable limits when performing a blood glucose may be caused by storing the reagent strips in ___________, by the control covering half the testing area, and by prolonged exposure of reagent strips to ________ The refridgerator/ Room air
Blood glucose POCT instruments work on the principle of _________________ and _______________ of the glucose reaction. Color formation/ Electrical potential
A decrease in the amount of oxygen reaching the cells can be detected using a(an)_______________. HemoCue
The HemoCue can accurately measure hemoglobin concentration in patients with high white blood cell counts because the reaction is read at ________________. Two different wave lengths
A Urinalysis should be performed within ________________ hours of specimen collection. 2 hours
T or F The dessicant should be removed from the storage bottle for proper reagent strip care and handling. False
_______________ should be avoided for a week prior to collection of an occult blood sample because it may cause a false positive result. Aspirin
The purpose of enzyme immunoassay tests for pregnancy is the detection of ________________. HcG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Failure to perform a pregnancy test on a first-morning urine specimen may cause a ________________ reaction. False negative
Rapid tests for group A streptococcus detect Group A streptococcus _______________. Antigens
A patient with a cholesterol result of 300 mg/dL is in danger of developing _______________ disease. Coronary Artery
________________ is the anticoagulant given to patients to prevent the release of clots into the circulatory system during surgical procedures. Heparin
Laboratory tests performed in the patient care area. POCT - Point of care testing
Substance used to produce a chemical reaction. REAGENT
Amount of time between the request for a test and the reporting of results. TURN AROUND TIME
Standardization of an instument used to perform diagnostic tests. CALIBRATION
Performance of tests on specimens provided by an external monitoring agency. PROFICIENCY TESTING
An abrupt change in the mean of quality control results. SHIFT
Substance of known concentration used to monitor the accuracy of test results. CONTROL
Gradual change above or below the mean of quality control results. TREND
Methods used to monitor the accuracy of procedures. QUALITY CONTROL (QC)
Laboratory test result critical to patient survival. CRITICAL VALUE
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